Teens Require Guidance! Help Them Today Tomorrow They’re A Burden.

My life for me was always one big question mark.    What I mean by this is growing up I grew up around nothing but angry adults, my Mother, my Aunt  it seems like I couldn’t ask a question without incurring someone’s wrath or sarcasm.

One example,   I remember when I was having a conversation with my late Step Aunt ( now deceased)  I don’t remember what it was about, but I did confide in her how no one helps me to find my way.   Now I was way younger in my early 20’s.   The Step Aunts cold & callous reply to me was:  “No one helped me”.    Her tone was pretty icy.    I don’t know what I was expecting, but I sure didn’t expect such callousness.    In my culture it is one of the most dysfunctional of   cultures which is what I don’t like about it.    Always there is anger, resentment, control issues what I mean about control issues is this:   People aren’t always going to do what you want them do to.   Especially children growing up in an ethnic minority culture.

But oh boy are the elders sure quick to be violent even over reacting.    I’ll give you an  example.     The Whitehead twins of Georgia.

If you haven’t heard of the Whitehead twins then do your research.   One morning I think it was the morning 2009 two teen twin girls over slept on a school morning.   The Mother caught them doing this & basically went bat shit over reacting flying into a rage.   The teens & their Mother had issues & the teens should have been left in the custody of their Great Grand Mother who provided a more stable environment.   To make a long story short the Mom’s rage escalated causing what I can only say was a snow ball effect.    There just wasn’t a voice of reason between the 3 of them.      The Mother assaulted the teens with a heavy pot in the end the Mother is dead & you have two teen girls ( now adults) serving life.   It could have all been avoided.   Anger + Control issues + resentment & Jealousy = A murder  .   And as usual for the Black community the legal system always fails miserably.

I don’t make this up when I say that growing up is extremely, extremely challenging were it’s probably 3 & 5 chance a man or woman but especially women will end up incarcerated, on drugs, homeless ( which I’ve experience) or a premature death.    And what is worse every single day when I wake up its to a  World that doesn’t care.    When I was in high school I must have been 17 I was on the phone with my best friend at the time I’ll call her Jenny.  

Jenny had asked me what my plans were after high school.    I simply said that I didn’t know.    Jenny screamed at me.   Jenny shamed me for not making any plans.    I was crying feeling so miserable.    Hey, I didn’t know any better because you know what?   I had no one to show me anything!   I lived with an unhappy single Mother who basically just ignored me when she came home from work.   My Mom didn’t ask how school was, she didn’t even insure that I had something to eat!  I usually  had to go to Wendy’s, Mcdonalds or sometimes my best friends Mother let me eat over at their house her Mother was such a great cook better than my Mom’s who the only thing Mom would make was this globby grey bean & ham hock which looked so nasty I would immediately slam the lid to the pot down.  At that time I just didn’t develop an interest in learning to cook no one around to show me that either.   What a life I had living with Mother.   I at that time had no one to talk to at 17 years old.    17 is a real tough age when you have a Mother who ignores you,  or when she doesn’t ignore you is screaming at you for some minor infraction and let me tell you it is real unnerving .   I needed someone there for me!

I guess that’s why I joined the military and thank God for that Army recruiter who was on the high school campus ( I think that now having a recruiter on school campus is forbidden).     I joined at that time because no one reached out to me!!  Everyone I was a very scared kid who didn’t know how to make any grown up decisions & I felt so ALL ALONE !And if it weren’t for my spur of the moment decision I might have ended up in prison like the Whitehead twins because my own Mother was a pretty volatile woman.

Flying The NOT so Friendly Skies.

I remember flying as a young child I would notice how professional & intelligent the women behind the counter would act.   There was a professionalism about them, I paid attention.   I liked that.  It was a great time to fly the friendly skies.

But now you don’t get that.  You get ignorant, rude people working the counters.  You get no apology or any sense of urgency to work the problem out if you have an issue all you get is a representative who gives you grief .  In fact the person behind the counter really doesn’t care!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl-2KsVkBUk

The not so friendly skies.





What A Day!

I have to ride the bus.   It sucks!  Seattle has become so overcrowded , its people rude , fat and over all just plain obnoxious.   Remember here is were its people are proud to be stoners since marijuana is legal.    One reason I most definitely want to move to a more conservative state, people here don’t know how to be adults.

Everyone here wants to live in Never Never Land , being 20 years old & getting high!   Today I had to ride the bus & as usual the people on it were awful.   A very fat woman when she got up from the back of the seat towards the rear of the bus she moved to a vacant seat next to me practically putting her ass in my lap!   Did this cretin say excuse me?  Nope.    People here?  Stupid.

It was all I could do not to scream.   I get off the bus at the local transit center and their was a cab so I make my way over to it.   A woman runs in front of me & takes my cab.   I won’t repeat the numerous things I said.      I’ve lost faith in just about everyone.    People I don’t like much.  Here in the Pacific Northwest it’s natives are a ignorant, savage, even ratchet bunch.   I think that I’ll stick to my plan of going to college at a state that I won’t mention.   I have two in mind.    And I want to be around some nice kids.   The particular cities I’ve picked are known for it because I’m sick to death of mean, negative types.   I’m tired of everyone here so I have no qualms of ignoring people here in this building I live in.    Plan, plan, plan!  and funding , funding, funding.     Please someone hand me a stick of dynamite so I can blow the PNW off the map!