PTSD from August 6,2010

I’ve traveled extensively throughout the early years of my adult life.
I’ve lived in:
South Carolina
Colorado Springs Colorado
Los Angeles California
I’ve been to:
New Orleans Louisiana

I’ve been to Europe twice

Served in the U.S. Military for 4 years which was the toughest enlistment job in my life.

And do you want to know something? Never have I experienced the kind of racial hate as I have while living in the Pacific Northwest of Washington state.
I’m not kidding. Living here has caused me such psychological scars I’ll be in therapy the rest of my life.
In 2007/08 I walked into a KFC chicken restaurant because I was hungry.
It was early in the day the sun hadn’t even set.
So, I walk up to the counter at the local KFC over in West Seattle over on 35th & Avalon and when I go to place my order the clerk behind the counter is giving me a serious MAD DOG stare.
Real evil.
She proceeded to squint her eyes & for whatever reason only known to her? She seemed to want to challenge me, or kill me I don’t really know I didn’t ask her.
How I handled it was I just stood there & gave her what I think was a blank & stoic stare.
She didn’t really scare me I just kept wondering why this woman was giving me a real dirty look like I just called her Momma out.
No idea.
So I place my order then go to sit down.
Right after I go to sit down, I notice an elderly white man enter the establishment
And guess what? The woman behind the counter was just as sweet as pie to him.
I’m African American intelligent,nice
The woman behind the counter was latino & her forearms were semi covered in tattoo’s.
Lesson learned?
Blacks aren’t liked real well by some in the latino community. I already had knew that.
I’ll leave it at that.
Which brings me to a bus ride on the afternoon of August 6, 2010.
While riding the bus out to my Tae Kwon Do lesson there was this young woman I later learned that she was a young woman because she looked like a young 12 year old boy complete with heavy jowls like that dog in the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon & she had a CREW CUT.
She was real ugly.
So, this bride of Frankenstein first starts growling like a wounded animal, followed by yelling obscenities to another person which I later learned was her Mother.
This kept up for some 15-20 minutes while the Sound Transit bus was traveling along I-520 on a warm summer afternoon.
I remember that somewhere along the route the bus driver turned his head around while he was driving to warn the offensive aberration to calm down.
It didn’t do any good. And it got WAY WORSE, because after a few minutes had gone by this little wild thing was now violently beating the windows of the bus with her fists & forearms with such force I was certain that either the window would shatter or that she would completely knock out the entire window out of its frame, like you see with the windshields after a serious car accident.
She still kept up her obscenity filled rant.
I had been sitting up towards the front of the bus, the Ogre was sitting about 5-7 rows behind me. I had thought that the Movie The Exorcist was filming at the back of the bus.
All throughout this time I was listening to a CD. A CD on relaxation if you could believe that.
At least I was trying to relax & listen to my CD on my portable CD player.
Needless to say I didn’t get much relaxation that day.
Having had enough of this bullshit I got up, turned around & faced the Mother and simply said in “Mom you’ve got to get your son on some Med’s” The Mother corrected me & said that what I thought was a boy (jowls the size of grapefruits,crew cut & UGLY) was actually her Daughter.
And let me tell you all out there reading this: Linda Blair in the movie the Exorcist? had nothing on this pitbull of a female.
Her entire face CONTORTED WITH RAGE.
But that wasn’t the worse part.
She began screaming at me from her seat this:
“YOU NIGGER(She said this several times_
“YOU WHORE” (Said several more times)
This pitbull or the spawn of SATAN as I like to refer to her
kept this up for a few minutes and let me tell you that this person
packed ALOT of hate in those few minutes.
Now, I know what your next question will be.
What was I doing?
I stood stock still in complete & utter SHOCK!
I was simply caught off guard and perhaps this was a good thing
Because I really regret not hurting her and badly no matter what the outcome.
So, there are people on this bus & of course they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
Can’t say I blame them. Actually yes I think that they were pretty cowardly.
By now the bus driver has pulled over to a nearby transit center, it was the Overlake Transit Center on the border in the town of Redmond.
He instructs all the passengers to get off the bus and to catch another one which he assured us would come just momentarily.
I was still in shock.
I walk over to him and straight up ask him the question:
“Should I stay or get off the bus”?
The bus driver says to get off the bus.
I was still in shock, I was still processing what had just happened to me.
So, I get off the bus with the other passengers, not one of those sad sack’s even asked me if I was alright. It FIGURES!
So, I’m walking maybe 10 feet over to the bus shelter when I turn around & notice the Redmond P.D. pull up at the rear of the bus & exit their car.
I turned around to walk up to the first cop who was about to board the bus. Now by this time the only people left on the bus are:
The bus driver
The Hound of Baskerville
Her basket case of a Mother
I approached the Cop and said
“Officer there’s a woman on the bus who threatened me”
The Cop says:
“Oh we know her she’s done this sort of thing before”
Then he kind of waves me off.
Now, I’ve got to say that I was MAJORLY confused!
I just didn’t know what the hell was going on, I didn’t know what to do
So I got on the next bus.
The Cop I spoke with was so blasé he acted like he just didn’t care. Another thing that struck me as odd was what the Cop said:  “Oh we know her, she has done this sort of thing before” .   REALLY?  You mean to tell me that screaming racial slurs is common place for Satan in training! Thanks for taking SUCH concern that my life was in imminent danger Officer redneck!
Like the woman on the bus was a toddler who wouldn’t mind her Mother.
I feel that he just DIDN’T LISTEN!
When I boarded the bus, I could feel my blood pressure go way up, I was extremely upset & no one asked if I was alright.
It felt like bile was rising up out of my body but somehow? just wouldn’t come up.
I felt sick, disgusted and whatever else worse feelings you get when your called a lot of racial slurs & threatened with DEATH!
Once I arrived home later that day, I threw my backpack all the way over to the other side of the room.
Once I processed what had happened I called Redmond P.D. to file a complaint which I did 2 days later. I had lived on the opposite end of the town from the town of Redmond.
The Cop who interviewed me treated just like a second class citizen.
He was with no emotion, then he asks for MY ID! My guess is he was checking to see IF I HAD A RECORD.
It figures, I’m African American so hey, I’ve got to have a record right?
Basically he was the same bland,stoic expression just like the day before last.
If you were to ask me now I would sum it up that the Redmond cop seemed bored & why not he is a white cop
I’m sure that he could have cared less about what had happened to me.
Hell, no skin off of his nose right?
I have no regrets how I handled the situation.
But I do have something to say to the offending aberration of a pitbull
Go straight to Hell
Do not pass go!
Do not collect 200 dollars
I hope the next time Daria that you yell racial slurs
& yell out death threats?
That there is a gang member nearby & I hope then
Stay real ugly my little PITTBULL! Oh & Daria do us all a favor the next time you step out of the house, try a brown paper bag, that’s to put over your hideous head…that way sweetie you’ll be just a little less offensive then you already are!