The History of Men..In Relation To How They Treat Women

I just woke up this morning & the first thing I always do is turn on my laptop.

Even right before I make my morning coffee.

I immediately went to my email page which is Yahoo and heard the best news in a while.

That those ….football members of the Steubenville Ohio high school football team were GUILTY of the rape of a young intoxicated girl.


I just had to write about this on here.

I am a female, I never ever wanted to marry having watched my own Mother get brutally beaten & for many years.  Not only beaten, but treated in the most cruel way a person can be treated.

Have any of you ever went to bed hearing your Mother screaming for a beating to stop?  I have.   It’s most horrendous type of experience and I haven’t forgotten.  Those memories still haunt me to this very day.  No child or anyone else for that matter should EVER have to go through what I did.   It’s very traumatic.

Mom & I had to finally flee with our lives out of the State we had once lived in.  Scariest moment in both of our lives.

Is any of this making you feel uncomfortable?

Too bad!  Think how it made me feel!  Think of my poor Mother Betty.

SO! As the years progress and I get older I notice that the men & how they treat women doesn’t improve, it has only gotten WORSE!

Not all men are this way because there are some good & kind men out there, I mean look at Prince William.

I’ve notice & experienced it myself the ever deterioration of how men treat women.

To some of you we seem to be play things that you can just discard after your through

I know what I’m talking about because as a younger women I was constantly sexually objectified by men & not seen as a human being.  Instead just a piece of meat,

Oh I know how you men operate, I know the M.O. if you will.  Your all nice & sweet as pie but at some given time say when your around your OTHER male friends perhaps you’ve taken too much to drink then the werewolf in you starts to take over.  Or as I like to put it you completely crossed over to the dark side.

Some of you see a defenseless young girl & this goes to the young boys then you feel its okay to violate her.  Now here is the question that damn near everyone asks of you

What if this were your own sister?

And to you men that aren’t in high school who prey on women young & old like it was sport  I have this question:

Did whoever raise you ever teach you anything about HOW YOU SHOULD TREAT WOMEN?  Or did that lesson get skipped in your upbringing.    Makes me wonder sometime.

So comes the day when men walk down the aisle with their betrothed to pledge their eternal love what happens after the wedding & honeymoon are over?   And reality sets in.

Out comes the very real DARK SIDE.  You start to view your Wife who your supposed to love & cherish & turn her into a slave who is supposed to cook, clean, and F**K when YOU want.

You abuse her and say stupid things like “Well SHE made me mad”   To you men out there, let me ask you this why oh why do you look to BLAME others meaning the women your with & not look to yourselves as being ….THE PROBLEM?  Yes that’s right let me spell out for you.

Women were not put on this Earth to serve you.   Got that?  Probably not, because your gender does tend to be a whole lot ignorant, chauvinistic.

Domestic violence, rape, violence again women are still ever present and always was since I can remember.   Anyone out there know who Sharon Tate was?

A beautiful actress who was butchered & she was 8 & 1/2 months pregnant.

I was 7 years old living in a very upscale area of Los Angeles when the news trickled down to me.  I say trickled down because I had overheard my Mother who was a young Mother & devout Catholic scream from her bedroom,then was on the phone calling her Husband my stepdad to come home.  I heard the rest from my Mothers TV coming from her bedroom. To say that I was completely terrified would be a gross understatement I had heard way too much for a young little girl and what went through my young mind was visions of being next since this happened in the very same state that my Mom, stepdad, and myself had lived and no one knew yet who committed the acts or where the guilty party were.  Although I didn’t understand much I knew what the words “murdered” & dead meant when associated with someone’s name.

About 2 months ago I did learn the full story about the Tate crime  which was the  the most gruesome murder in the history of U.S. crime. Heinous in every way that the  murderers carried it out the crime and just the all around disregard for human life as well as how these monsters made the victims suffer especially Tate & Folger. Once I read the story behind the Tate murders in the summer of August 1969 I was devastated with the utmost depression & sickened to my stomach as well as severely heartbroken about the suffering at the hands of the Manson family.  I was depressed about that crime story for almost two months and I’m just now beginning to come around.   In our society we have that live among us now & in previous decades real EVIL BEINGS that care NOTHING about the evil &  wicked things that they do to another human being. I read the entire crime story, I saw  those gruesome death photos which were by accident the photos were arranged in a collage of the most gruesome images that I’ve ever seen in my lifetime  while  I was researching the Black Dahlia murder,   all those crime scene death photos on the internet  of  the late Sharon Tate and  that of her friend murdered at that same residence Abigail Folger great granddaughter of the Folger coffee magnate the viciousness made me cry but I’m glad I finally knew the story.  Those images are still burned in my mind now, and its prompting in me a burning desire to devote my life towards womens causes.  And behind that gruesome,evil murder was a vile psychopathic Monster of a man who thought he was God!   Its always at the hand of a man that a woman loses her life or if she is lucky enough to live & not many are given that option,  the woman loses her sanity.   Some World we women live in Huh? Women of the World we must all learn how to protect ourselves from evil people who wish to harm us!  We must be fighters, we must be warriors and have the attitude of:  “Motherfucker, so you want to harm/kill me you’ve got the wrong person!  Time to TEACH YOU A LESSON”.    As women we are not raised to fight, we are raised to be young ladies, to be polite, to smile, to not get angry.     Well let me tell you sisters: Although its okay to be nice & all that, we also must adopt a sort of alter ego of one mean bitch who will FIGHT when called on to do so.  Being naiive & passive is a very dangerous thing.  We women must be vigilant, and let some of those people of the creepy criminal element who coexist in our society know that we are not to be fucked with.   Its just that simple.    We must condition ourselves not to live in fear, but to be psychologically ready at a moments notice when danger knocks at our door, which could be at anytime.

I am somewhat lucky because I was raised by a mean & foul tempered Stepfather who was an ex Marine he was a brute & abusive as well.   That man although a true psycho did teach me, the author of this blog you now read how to be tough cause the World won’t show you mercy in the times of danger.   Thank God I didn’t turn out like him, I did inherit his temper which I’m trying at this time to get some quality mental health therapy over.

I’m tired of crimes against women, I’m just sick to my stomach at how another human being can even DO SUCH A HORRENDOUS ACT, and it can happen to women of ALL RACES!  Men you better learn how to respect women.  Stop trying to play God cause your not.

To all the Fathers out there teach your sons how to be real men & show them that women are to be treated like the goddesses that they are.  Single Mothers do the same with your son’s because if you fail in this, I’m afraid that they will only serve to cause casualties.  The World needs REAL MEN who are up to the challenge of living morally & respectful of its women.   This is of the utmost urgency everyone!

Because we are goddesses & not some piece of meat to have sex with.

We are not to be demeaned.

We are women.



We are to be respected

Now think on that!