Is There Any Equality For Women?

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been treated less than because of my gender.

Being female I feel has been one big fat CURSE.  I’m reminded of the year 1971 I was in the 3rd grade attending Wishire Crest elementary  a school that struggled with its finances.   So much so?  That the Teachers in their not so great wisdom adopted the idea of peer tutoring were the students tutor each other.   It was a disaster, I mean really!  all the students are in school to LEARN!  and not play teacher.  But that was the lame intentions of the ever so obtuse staff at my former elementary school.

One day I was being tutored by a boy who was one grade higher than myself.  I had a learning disability but of course back when I went again the adults just didn’t get it.  Anyway I was struggling to figure out a math problem…I mean I just couldn’t understand it.  It could have been that the boy helping me had all the personality of a wet dishrag & extremely ornery.

Boy you sure are stupid”  was the assholes comment.  And everyone it has went from worse to MUCH WORSE.  Boys are terrible tutors, but my interactions with the opposite sex has been to put it mildly terrible.

Men can be misogynist .   I remember on so many occasions through my whole life being treated horribly by men.  There were the dirty looks, the rolled up eyes whenever I would try to be friendly.    From an early age?  I learned not to like them much.   The biggest one is that they are truly arrogant & they think that they know every damn thing!

Well I’m here to say that they do not!  Some are actually real nice but there aren’t enough of these kinds of men.   Men earn more than women, there are still areas where it is predominantly all male.   The field of journalism is one area.

As far as I’m concerned men throw their weight around way too much.   We women are far more superior believe me when I say we are the stronger of the two genders.  You men may have the strength…but women possess a far greater strength our BRAINS.   It is here that we reign superior.  

For women to gain a foothold in equality we have to do for OURSELVES!  Lets run our own businesses create our OWN equality because lord knows we sure can’t depend on these men because they don’t want us to advance.   Women are not put on this Earth to serve a man.   That’s anachronistic bullshit.

All women deserve to prosper & we deserve to call all the shots when it comes to our own lives.   Also to never kow tow to any man who is demeaning to us.