So Seattle Didn’t Get A Basketball Team…Big Deal

So Seattle didn’t get its basketball team, big deal!  To me having a pro team should be low on the priority list of things for Seattle.   It’s just not something that is needed.  Seattle needs funding for its financially sagging public bus transportation service called Metro.   Why not petition to get the 75 million dollars needed to keep Metro Transit running so there is no danger of reducing or cutting out bus services altogether!  And when I mean bus routes being cut or reduced I don’t mean just a few, the bus routes are numerous.  When I saw a rider alert at a local transit center the routes in danger of being cut were so many it looked like an extremely long math problem.  Row upon row of routes.   And Seattle is worried getting a stupid basketball team from Sacremento?  Give me a F**king break will you!   It must be nice to have millions upon millions of dollars all ready to spend on a stupid team.   Nice to see that the city has its priorities in place…..NOT!   Then your watching TV & you’ll see all these folks to include those in the news media whining about not obtaining this team for Seattle.   I for one am glad that the team didn’t come to Seattle.   For me Seattle has better things to worry about like the financial deficit which this town can’t seem to get out of , I mean 75 million dollars to fund the public transportation system.  How did it get so bad?   I’ll tell you its because the city can’t manage its money choosing to invest millions for an over the top art deco public library that wasn’t necessary, over extending itself by building a light rail which doesn’t even go all over the city but only runs from the airport to downtown!   All this city is good for is pure ego!  But hey it could be worse.   I could be living in Detroit.   Way to go Seattle 😦

Published by: The Lonely Shepard

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