At Last! Nice Weather!

Living in Seattle has its challenges for me.   First there are the stuffy, unfriendly almost reserved to a fault Seattle natives,  Then there is that damn depressing weather!  Around 10 months a year of it.   Living here as long as I have I begin to understand why the majority of people here are so damn sullen.   I am not like these folks, thanks in part to having been raised in California, being able to have traveled all over which helps, but I still do get majorly depressed living here!  Unfortunately I can’t afford to move out of state so I’m working on that.  And no I don’t wish to move back to California because it just isn’t the same California that Mom & I had to flee from all those many years ago.   Nope!  I no longer care for that state.

So, it stands to reason that this time of year?  Which is when spring is almost turning into Summer that I love the most!   The sun is actually OUT!   I can actually see blue sky’s & billowing white clouds!  My favorite since I was a child growing up in California.   I swear sometimes living in the Pacific Northwest I actually do forget what a blue sky & white  clouds even look like!   It’s June and this month its so far free from rain.   Free from grayness.   I’m free to put the shorts on, leave the umbrella at home as well as the jacket & head out the door in summer attire!   I love tropical weather.    I hate: snow, mountains, hiking.   I surely do live in the WRONG state!   I already know that thank you very much.   But it is what it is.   I love sun, sand, palm trees, ocean waves rolling up onto the sand.   I also love TAN people!  And not the paleness of marshmellow bodies that permeate this town.   I hope to one day be able to go on one of those working vacations where I could volunteer on a farm and where the room & board are free.  There are such places & there is a website for places all over the World too.   But I want Hawaii  there its not full of uptight folks who act like their underwear is in a bunch.   I love laid back, warm weather, I work hard & I like to RELAX.  Here where I currently live there isn’t much of that going on with people.   So to cope which I’ve had YEARS of practice with, I just ignore people.   I’ve heard that Los Angeles, New York are bad…..but in my opinion Seattle has got them both beat hands down in the frigid personality department.   I know I live here unfortunately.   Here is how I cope.  Anything that I find with palm trees, sand blue water I frame them and keep them around in my apartment.   I keep tropical plants its a way to make me feel like I’m NOT in the Pacific Northwest.   I love to pretend that I don’t live here.  Its how I cope.  And hey I just can’t stand it here so until I win the sweepstakes or finish school & get a job elsewhere I’m kind of stuck here.  Unfortunately.   Perhaps I’ll be fortunate enough to meet someone who has moved here from out of town?   Until then I’ll enjoy the weather, pretend I don’t live here & seek ANY positive escape any way that I can.   Its called living single in a town you just can’t stand.