Seattle A Town I Love To HATE!

If your sensitive to Seattle bashing….TOO BAD!  Go read someone elses blog.   With that said, today the temperatures are finally getting decent 79 degrees about time!   I can’t wait to break out the shorts I’m stoked not to have to carry an umbrella, wearing a jacket which is lame in June.   Sure enough I see people out here wearing warm winter clothing in JUNE!  I’M thinking that perhaps these folks are special needs?  No, they don’t seem like that but it makes me kind of wonder.   Here is an example of what I’m talking about.  Today while I’m boarding the bus and remember its 79 degrees!  I notice a woman in a brand spanking new thick white sweatsuit only problem is its too warm out to wear such a thing!   She even has the hood up.   Oh yeah CRAZY as a bedbug looking like a grim reaper only in white.

So I board the bus its really warm.  Unfortunately there’s no A/C so that means the top half of the windows are open.  The windows are about five inches in width.  I go to take a seat at the back of the bus, I sit down, and there is this woman who sits on the bench seat right in front of me.   This woman is closing the windows!  So I bite my tongue to try to sit through my ride.  Sure enough?  This woman is asking the passenger sitting next to her if it would be alright to CLOSE another window.   It was at this time that I got up from my seat, and said as I was making my way down the aisle this: “It’s 79 degrees out & you want the windows closed” .  I had to say something because it just didn’t make any sense as warm as it was.  I saw more folks with warm jackets i.e. down jackets, sweaters, do any of these people tune into the Weather Channel?  Or even the local news for the forecast?  Or perhaps these folks are sweating the pounds off.  Yeah, that must be it!  …lol.   Oh Seattle, how I hate you so.  It’s just the motivation I need to get that degree finished then apply for a job out of Washington state.   Destination? Hawaii one day to work for the Department Of Navy.   That is my dream!  Well at least I have my decent apartment but of course I want more out of life than just a decent apartment.  I want to live in a city where its natives aren’t so weird & dysfunctional, as well as these folks being severely personality challenged.