How Does A Person Enroll IN College??

If you have read any of my blogs you all know out there just how difficult of a time I’ve had throughout my whole life.   Now, another challenge is figuring out HOW to enroll in College.  It may seem simple to you but I assure you for me its not.  I’m confused as hell how to do it, I would appreciate ANY help most of you don’t even tag me or leave me any messages which hurts my feelings & makes me feel unwanted.

Basically I have applied to the college of my choice online but I’ve heard absolutely nothing from them.  The college which is Highline Community College just doesn’t give a damn so I’m passing, the same with North Seattle.   So I’ll pass on both of those schools & just learn welding instead at a vocational school that closer.   I already don’t have great self esteem but when I feel like I’m not being given the time of day or blown off, then I tend to go elsewhere were I will get help.   This has been such a big barrier for me!   No one has paid me a lick of attention, nor has anyone took the time to care enough just to help me in life….on ANYTHING!   This makes me so upset right now I’m practically pounding this keyboard as I’m typing because I’m real upset.   I don’t feel like ANYONE listens to me!  I just can’t get anyone to listen to me!!

Being ignored is a horrible thing.  When no one cares about you.  When your treated no better than a telephone pole.  That is how I feel a lot of the times.   Not real fair.

Trying to enroll in some kind of school is frustrating.

I feel despair!!!!!!!!!!!!!