Message To C.J. & her friends I’m not a monster.

This blog is a personal message to C.J. & her friends.  This is a blog seeking forgiveness.  Please, please forgive me.  I understand I was angry.  I was wrong.  I’m not a psycho.  I said very stupid things.  Everyone does.  But that does not make me a monster.  I am not.  I have not hurt a soul in my entire life.  Not even when I had been called several racial slurs by one woman who also threatened to stab me with her knife 3 years ago.  I understand your hurt.  I understand & respect that I should not contact you EVER!   I was a step ahead of you on that one because I haven’t so give me some credit for that please. 

But please don’t refer to me as someone who would commit acts of homicide!  That hurts TREMENDOUSLY!  I  made a mistake but that does not make me a monster.  I know that my posts are being monitored I check this blog frequently I say welcome to my blog.  You won’t find a single hurtful thing said on here.  I’m opinionated on other gay women but I have actual experiances to back those up.  But other than that I don’t say a mean thing about anyone.  As I’ve said I understand HER anger & with the exception of a reply I sent which I doubt will get read I have not sent her any messages since Sunday June 30th.  So if you want to call me derogatory names I can’t control that but know that those particular allegations really did tear me up.   One good lesson is I’m staying off any & all online chatting forever.  I will not use any forums, nor any social media its pretty obvious that they are just no good.  I will be posting any progress I make right on here on WordPress. 

Again I’m SO SORRY.  I did a really stupid thing.  I won’t contact C.J.  and that was my intention anyway.  All I ask is forgiveness cause everyone says stupid things that’s what makes us human.  But it sure doesn’t make us homicidal. 

and everyone has anger in them. That is human nature. I need compassion. I don’t need to be cruxified….Thanks