Recovery From Verbal Backlash

Forgiveness is something we all need to learn.  I’m not immune from it myself I have to work on it.  I’m not perfect, if anything I’m perfectly FLAWED.   I know this all too well.  But when I apologize for a major transgression & you lose trust in me that’s okay.  Whats not okay is to paint me as a monster.  I must say everyone that I’m deserving of forgiveness & its important not to blow stuff out of proportion.  I’m still trying to recover from a severe backlash of hate from a former FB friend which I have to say is the WORST form of verbal abuse I’ve been through to date.  This even ranks worse than the hate crime that I barely survived.   However we both suffer from mental disorders in fact that’s how the FB person found me was on a mental illness forum which I did pretty well on posting over 300 threads providing support to the members on the site.  I feel that my membership on that forum for the brief time I was on it the most fulfilling.  But now its time to let go of that forum & move on.  All I can basically do is pray, pray then pray somemore then when my therapist comes back from her vacation resume seeing her.   Its so bad that I can’t wait for the daylight to come so I can hear back from the interim therapist to call me in the morning so I can have someone to talk to.  I’ve already called the Crisis line twice tonight because I was feeling extreme depression & anxiety over being called a homicidal person.  That’s what the woman said.   So I’m trying my best to try & forget everything about this person, pray to have piece of mind not for her but for myself.  I’m a broken person who hopes one day to be reassembled to a more healthier & happy person.  As for the woman well I don’t have any love for her.   She’s no longer exists in my mind & I will work hard to forget I ever met her online.  I will MOVE ON!  I’m a good person who has a brain disorder.  I’m a good person who just would never harm anyone.