The George Zimmerman Verdict

Although I’m not surprised over George Zimmermans acquittal, I am so thoroughly sickened to my stomach!  That man should have went to prison for either murder, manslaughter at the least! I mean come on!  He attacked an unarmed teenager!   Trayvon Martin was unarmed.  Okay?  No matter how much Trayvon may have acted he did not deserve to be shot in his chest.   Zimmerman should have walked away and go inside of his home after he called 911 if he was suspicious of whatever he might have thought young Trayvon might be up to.   But what does Zimmerman do instead?  According to Juror B37  Zimmerman once he does call 911 DELIBERATELY ignores instructions to NOT confront Trayvon and Zimmerman instead confronts the young boy which resulted in Trayvon losing his life.  And now Zimmerman is set free.  What kind of message does this send to African Americans across the nation?  That our lives especially young Black males are not worth anything.  That God forbid if a young African American male is just walking home from the store & not paying attention to where he is walking and that someone who has a very distorted view of African American males decides to act out of fear?  Then its okay to just go & and act like Rambo & kill him?   What a great country this is isn’t it?  😦 

The good ole U.S. of A .   A country where its alright to murder an African American because you fear that trouble is right around the corner.   Yes I do hate Zimmerman he is some piece of work.  Of course the jury did rule in his favor now didn’t they?   Let me ask you all if the roles had been reversed & Trayvon had shot Zimmerman do you think that the jury would acquit Trayvon?   Hell no!  Some United States we have huh?