Social Media Truly Moronic

I really do not like social media.   I’m not into texting although I would be open to try it sometime down the road but with texting costs that is one thing I won’t consider.  I was born before all that social media hype.   I’m just not into any of that.  I don’t like Facebook I recently deactivated my profile, I don’t like MySpace,Twitter, I don’t like any of it.   The internet has its purpose for looking up information on schools, among other stuff.   For me, the whole social media hype just does not work for me.  I guess you can form some friendships off of it but to me the whole social media thing is nothing but superficial reminds me of high school only worse.   Online friends?  pretty moronic I just can’t believe that your judged by how many friends or so called friends that you don’t even know, determines your worth….really?   And what I don’t particularly care for is you can chat online & there is no face to face interaction whatsoever.   Then you have these silly folks that pledge their undying love for a person that they’ve never met!   That’s just crazy.   I can say that social media has really never worked for me & I can say with all honesty that I did try it for some years & just like a bad relationship I’ve put a complete halt to ever wanting to use those sites ever again.   Although tonight when I watched Catfish the TV Show the episode that aired tonight was Lauren & Derek  they had been chatting for 8 years (really?) Yes they did & when Lauren, Nev, and Nev’s photographer friend drove out to Maryland to meet this guy he was actually the same guy in the photo on the social media page that Lauren had seen for all those years.   This was a Catfish first!  The two are about to be engaged.  Great episode, I wished that this same sort of thing could have happened for me.   But it didn’t.  However I’m still turned off by all social media.   Email, my blog site & that will pretty much be it.  I really do not like the 21st Century it truly does not agree with me at all.   I really miss meeting people face to face because that is what I’m used to everyone not this social media bullshit!  I prefer meeting people at parties fun ones, church, special occasion parties like Bar Mitzvahs, birthdays, special occasions, the holidays, that kind of thing because that is what I’m used to & for me that is the way only healthy way to meet other people.   Another way is to be introduced by someone you know.  Or find activities that you enjoy then you meet someone or friends that way.   See what I’m saying? For me social media spells trouble.   When I did have a Facebook page I only had one so I could log onto my email sites because now when you forget your email password the Facebook button is just a click away.   But then someone saw a post on an onsite support forum I had wrote then I made the mistake of chatting online.  Once that went sour I then swore off social media for good.    I will no longer chat online…except if I meet the person fact to face, only then will I chat online but I would just prefer talking on the phone.   I have to be honest I wished that I were born into another time.  The I wished I were born in say 1950 then I would be a young adult by the time the 1970’s rolled around &amp .   So perhaps the 70’s I would have had a full & satisfying life then just pass away right before all this social media hype.   I like none of it.   But I like some things about the internet .   I like blogging, I like looking up information, I like reserving library books online….eventually I’ll buy a Kindle now those I like.   But other things I just don’t much care for.  It makes me sad for those years past.   I get really heart sick and if it were possible I would jump into a time machine back to a time where I was most happiest & never return.   It could be the depression talking but that is how I feel.   I feel that I live in the wrong Century & the wrong city & state.   In today’s World it has gotten so very impersonal.   And that makes me real sad.