Think Before You Judge, Treat Those Less Fortunate With Kindness & Dignity.

It never ceases to amaze me at just how much the majority of society at large is purely judgmental.   That even when you try to get yourself together, reach out for help, you try to figure out your life trying to keep your head up….it still just sucks!  Especially here in the Pacific Northwest were sometimes it feels like a throwback to the 50’s.  Families everywhere or you see couples gay & straight walking hand in hand down the street.  Struggle is never fun.  I know cause I am a top graduate of the school of hard knocks.   But the next time your seeing someone that might not have that sunny disposition or is just having a bad day or just a hard time in general?  Remember everyone that same person is a human being and that person may not be as fortunate as yourself.  Cause let me tell you something about life, it is unfair, it is very difficult without that much needed family support or that loving significant other to help pull you through… short its a BITCH!!  If you don’t have money your treated no better than a peasant.  So instead of being judgmental try being nice offer a smile, or any act of kindness.  You could never understand what a person goes through unless you actually talk to that person to get to know them, something so few of you are willing to do for any variety of reasons mostly selfish or indifference.   Listen up all of you.  We are not here on this Earth for the short time that we are on here until its time to die to just make a lot of money, only do for ourselves, get the rug rats enrolled in the best schools, buy that fancy car, buy a damn house.  We are here to help each other out, its called doing a good deed.   Here is what life is not:

Buying the best clothes


Buying that car you’ve always wanted

Making a lot of money to buy….(insert whatever useless material possession your wanting)


Working towards the promotion at work

Or even getting married

Life, is about helping one another out, offering support where you can, taking the time to say hello to someone especially someone who is having a tough time of things, praying for some of us that are struggling to make something of ourselves because for some of us it just takes longer than others. 

I would make a pretty good Buddhist I may try that path if I know where to go.  I have but two dreams:

Move to Honolulu

One day travel to Thailand

If I had the means I certainly would travel to a Buddhist Monastery or something similar cause right now its exactly what I need.   I need to get away from all of this selfish, narcissism, shallowness, and materialism.   All of these things really bother me so much so I really do want to take a much needed sabbatical away from the U.S. or go to Hawaii which is as far from the U.S. one can get and still be in the States.     But until then I’ll just have to do the best that I can although I’m a survivor….a term that I just loathe, I don’t drink or do drugs, I’m isolated & real lonely trying to find my way in the World because I do have goals that I’m working real hard at obtaining….I don’t have to like it.   And often I’m real impatient I do without a whole lot across the board those very same things I do without most of you take for granted.   I once read a quote from Roseanne Barr the woman who had her own TV show of the same name.  Roseanne was quoted as saying “The thing that women need to learn about power is that nobody gives it to you, you have to take it. ”  


I couldn’t agree more.