Is This America?

Today on the local news channel President Obama addressed a press conference about the Trayvon Martin murder.  The President reflected to the press that Trayvons tragedy could have very well have happened to him when he was a young man.  President Obama had also mentioned that African American face daily prejudice:

On elevators when women clutch their purses and stand tense whenever an African American man steps on to ride the same elevator.

Followed around the department stores

Racially profiled when driving on the road by Police

And so much more.

But the President left out African American women

I’ve had the same thing happen to me.  One day I was out at a local public library there was a woman of the Indian culture (from the country of India) walk in with her toddler child.   I wasn’t too far away so I notice that the woman was at the library main desk talking with the librarian.  The woman had her back turned and wasn’t paying any attention to her child.  Meanwhile her child ran all the way outside of the library and was in the mall area (library was in the mall) I immediately ran out after the toddler because everyone we all know too well just how easy it is if your not watching your kids like a hawk just how easy a child could be abducted.  I went after the child & stopped her.   I kept my distance, and what I did was extend my arm in the direction of her Mother & instructed the child to go back in over to her Mom.   Did I get a thank you?  Nope.  Instead the reward I got was the Mother assumed I was up to no good & had a security guard follow me all around the mall!   So much for being a good Samaritan.  When your African American people automatically either disrespect you or think the worst of you.

Three years ago August 6th 2010 I’m on a bus headed out to the suburb of Redmond here in Washington on my way out to my Tae Kwon Do lesson when on the same bus a young woman was just being a total terror cursing loudly for the whole packed bus to hear.  This kept up for 30 minutes until the bus driver finally decided to pull over.   I suffer from PTSD.  I was angry and I felt it unfair that this woman was allowed to keep up her rant for so long without getting her kicked off the bus.   Once the bus pulled over the same woman was by this time aggressively pounded the bus window so fiercely I thought that it would break.   I had had enough, I turned around & addressed the Mother suggesting she have her son (which I was corrected it was a female but didn’ t resemble one) put on med’s.   That’s all I said and I was scared to death when I said this I was near panic with no hint of anger.  This wretched daughter was terrorizing the entire bus.

The daughter called me a nigger so many times I thought I would literally get sick.  I was also called a black bitch and a whore.  But that was not all the woman said she had a knife and that she would kill me with it.   This was in 2010 folks.   The Police knew this woman.  I filed charges and nothing came of it.   The Police out in the good ole town of Redmond did absolutely nothing.   That right there told me that I have no rights whatsoever.   Here I served my Country in the U.S. armed services, I have no criminal record but I was considered nobody!

Former King County Executive in Washington Ron Sims who later served in President Obama’s cabinet was on the news tonight on Q-13 news KCPQ here in Seattle spoke about the President Obamas speech on racial profiling & injustice.  Sims told the news anchorman about his experiances with racism when applying for College Sims was almost not admitted because the admissions for the College said that he wasn’t good enough to attend because of the color of his skin.  Sims had to ask his high school teachers to submit his applications on his behalf so as to sneak the paperwork in under the radar.   Sims also was wrongly accused as a young boy of vandalism which happened in his school on a baseball field.  The schools Principal ordered all the African American students to clean up the mess when in truth they had nothing to do with the vandalism.  Sims went on to say that if the school administration would have simply checked with their parents primarily his parents the school would have learned that he was in Church during the time that the vandalism had occurred.  

People this really goes without saying….quit treating African Americans like we’re criminals.  We are a caring culture we deserve to be treated with equality, with respect, with kindness.  So what if we have a bad day doesn’t everyone?  Why do you all treat us so bad? 

The low self esteem I suffer is tremendous.  Often I don’t feel like even living preferring death sometimes.   Its part of the reason I want to move to Honolulu Hawaii not just for the great weather & paradise way of life, its because its there I feel I would be treated better, treated with equality without regard to how I look.   Most of the Hawaiian natives either look like me or are darker most all have thick curly wavy hair.   That’s were I want to be.  I want to be treated like a human being not like I’m a peasant!  Why is it that the only time African Americans are loved is if we play professional sports or are in the entertainment industry?  Wow can’t say I care for this Country very much.   Because I worry if I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time? That I may not make it back home.   That if someone thinks I’m up to know good then Jail would be the least of my worries I’d worry about getting killed just because of how I look.  I can tell you one thing I won’t be including hoodies on any future clothes shopping lists.