Let Me Do My Journey My Way Please

I’m on a difficult journey.  I understand all to well that no one will be there to help me.  To this I say fine by me.   Its nothing new to me.  What I need is less opinions & that dreadful tough love talk cause growing up I’ve had enough brutal tough love to last me ten lifetimes, it wasn’t necessary and all too often much too cruel.  Same happened all throughout my adult life.  NO.

What I need, all I need is to be loved & supported.  That should be real easy on here as this is online so its not like we will meet face to face.  Not like I will make any appearances in your lives.   Have a one & only love in your life?  I think its wonderful, it won’t hurt anyone to give me a little shout out of love & support.  Simple words of encouragement will most definitely see me through this road I’m on.   That’s all I want, it doesn’t cost anything I just want you all to show me some love.   I know what I want in life and this is one of them.   Self esteem the good kind doesn’t get developed overnight.  I once had it, my self esteem was in essence chewed up & spit out in my face so I have my work cut out for me here.  All I want is some positive energies sent my way, love, support.  Something I’ve never really received.   I deserve an entire Niagara Falls of love & support.  

Until next time everyone.