Personal Insults Its Whats For Dinner!

Today is Thursday the first of August, so I’m coming home from the library riding the bus headed home, I go about 3/4 towards the back of the bus.  Two hostile very ignorant guys on the bus I’ll explain why in a minute.  I’ve got a bag of library books I pull one out to read when the two men start talking real loudly talking about sports.  I’ll be truthful I was irritated so I move towards the front I wanted to read my book and I could not concentrate while these two were loudly running their mouths.  When I get to the front I heard the Rupaul looking nerd say to the other guy “Shes ugly anyway” .   Well theres nothing like getting hit below the belt now is there?   Insults its whats for dinner.   Now as angry as I was I at least get the satisfaction of knowing that this guy sure wouldn’t run his mouth like that if he was in the South end of Seattle especially the Rainier Valley.   For those of you who aren’t familiar with Rainier Valley, the Central district or further South of Seattle its quite dangerous.  For those of you who were lucky enough to get out of this dreadful City a lot has changed shootings are as common here as waking up to your morning cup of coffee.  Gangs are everywhere and I mean everywhere just look it up on the Net.   I am fortunate to have moved out to  the suburbs but here I’m not safe from racial slurs & personal insults to how I look which by the way everyone I do get checked out by some very attractive females, sometimes while they’re with their men.   So to those two Cro-Magnon idiots as usual your talking out of your ass.  I sure hope that they mouth off to the wrong person.  I know that the Rupaul looking square with the nerdy voice?  Out in the South End those boys would have him for breakfast!   But you know as I was walking the 17 blocks back home it occurred to me that men in general?  They just get off at putting a female down.  I know cause I speak from experience.  If your not drop dead gorgeous say like Beyoncé, Halle Berry, or Vanessa Williams the former Miss America or any other beautiful take a second look woman then the men will insult you with impunity.  If your not falling all over them, acting helpless, or not batting your eyes at them acting all coquettish then your known either as a bitch, ugly or both.   The age of men acting like true gentlemen seems to have went the way of the dinosaur.

Now women are okay.   I usually don’t run into any problems.  And sometimes I get a smile which makes my day.  Here in the Northwest the women are okay here.  Its the men that are the thorns to my side it seems.   But you know what I’ll not change one bit.  Just because your of the male species don’t think you can talk crazy or intimidate me. 

I’ll stand my ground but at a distance, if you want to push your luck well you’ll get a not so pleasant surprise which I’ll bring it on at the very last minute to catch you off guard cause I know all those dirty tricks you love to pull on women to hurt us.  You have been warned.  I’m not sorry to say you won’t catch me cowering or crying if anything I’ll send you crying.  I’ve been through a lot and I’m not the nice, naïve woman that I used to be.  Women have to be strong, need to be strong in this World especially were men are concerned.  Women you know what I mean.   On top of being total liars if say they’re trying to sweet talk you they often are telling their tired lines to another woman.  And of course there are the predators and they are literally like a wolf in sheeps clothing that are so good with their deception they manage to marry some unsuspecting woman only to later physically abuse them.  Just look at those stats at the number of Women involved in domestic violence situations to include my own Mother who stayed in a relationship with her 2nd Husband (Not my Father who was the 1st spouse) for 11 years before Her & I had to flee California to come to Seattle .  It was the only place for us to go.  I kind of learned at an early age that I had a strong dislike of men.  Having grew up around the most vulgar sexually harassing teenage boys (nephews of my Step Mom) and being sexually objectified by men, to include the numerous times that I received sexual harassment althrough my military enlistment its safe to say that I just don’t trust men.  Hmm did their Mothers, Grandmothers ever teach these guys anything about how to treat the opposite sex?  Makes you wonder….ALOT!   You men if say a woman doesn’t care about listening to your inane conversation about sports, if you don’t like whats she’s wearing, or for whatever reason that you find you don’t like (and for you guys the list is longer than the War & Peace novel) You all just have no right to call us out of our name.   Save the sports talk for your man cave or when your watching that all too important football game (man cave?  prehistoric cave is more like it)

Take a cue from one nice young man that was riding the same bus as I was many years ago will you?  This young man offered his seat to a woman on a very crowded bus one Summer.  I overheard him say ” I’m from the South, and we know how to treat our women there”.  Now that’s a true Gentleman.