To Maura (Spike) Please Don’t Contact Me Again.

This goes out to Maura (Spike)  I like using both names.  Anyway please do not contact me again.  You’ve made it quite clear that you don’t care much for me.  Remember you were the one that contacted me, I’ve tried but I’m struggling bad, when I needed support all you would do is be judgemental which I don’t need.  I beat myself up don’t need you to add to my pain.  I’m real glad that you got out of here.  If I had the family support that you had I would do the same trust me I would.  With little support or help the best I can do is learn a trade then God willing join the Peace Corps for as long as they let me.  Usually its a 2-3 year commitment, I will re-up for longer if I can, there is clearly nothing here for me & I both need to help some impoverished village than to put up with the intolerance & bigotry here in Seattle! 

It was never necessary to reply I just didn’t want nor need to hear from you. Then it was so long!  Judge me any way you want just don’t relay that to me.  I receive enough hate as it is & lack of support.  If you want to do anything why not be compassionate and just PRAY for me instead of knocking me down. 

That is all.  Good luck I’m real glad you have a life with friends you can do things with.  Your lucky to have the siblings you do.  Very few do.