Teens just get on my last nerve! Here’s why…..and other issues

Okay so today is Friday the 13th and like most folks I don’t much care for this day for the obvious reasons.  Today was productive, I met with a school adviser which was for the most part a sort of mini interview, and I desperately needed help in how to enroll in school.  For some of you who had what you needed prior to graduating high school I’m happy for you. 

However for me?  I have suffered from that all too common thing of falling through the cracks of high school.  No one, but no one especially a high school counselor even bothered to talk to me about plans once I graduated.  And I didn’t know how to ask for help with the disabilities that I suffered in addition to the severe depression & very low self esteem plus lack of identity which I suffered. 

The talk I had with the adviser went well thanks to my ability to communicate what I needed, the barriers I faced all these many years, and how I can reach my goals.  No small feat ladies & gentlemen because for all these many years I just didn’t know how to communicate to other people what I needed, or even how I felt about anything.   I learned the lack of communicating through all those years of abuse from childhood through my teens ( see my blog about growing up around an unstable parent & other blogs about my family).

So with this task completed I was so thoroughly exhausted.  Mentally that is.  Mental exhaustion is just as bad as physical exhaustion.

I was not in a great mood.  One of the reasons is due to my weight loss I’ve lost weight about 10 pounds & counting & I no longer eat meat.  So I’m now taking vitamins to make up for the lack of protein….which I did today.  Don’t recommend anyone to neglect their diet especially when losing weight you’ll be one cranky person. 

Now to why teens get on my nerves.  Today as I got off the 2nd bus heading home I was so tired I literally couldn’t walk any further, so when I found a bench located at the very entrance of a suburban mall I made sure to sit down for a rest.   I’m minding my own business when a young teen who had been standing at a corner to wait for a the light to change…decides to walk over in my direction towards me to ask if I have a bus ticket.  Now let me make this clear, I don’t know this boy & I’m none too happy that this kid is bothering me.   I feel that its real bad manners to go walk up to someone you don’t know & ask for something.   If its a homeless person that is different but I don’t give them money.  

I was very agitated and I told the kid no then waved him off.  Also FYI everyone use discretion when someone asks you for anything because you may lose your wallet!  I did have some bus tickets which I earned from volunteering at a non profit, but there was no way that I was going to pull out my wallet.   Often times especially when its a kid or anyone else they will use a ruse of some kind to rob you.  It doesn’t  necessarily have to be a weapon like a gun or knife.   There’s a hustler around every corner.   I was so upset that this kid bothered me that I said out loud to no one in particular that I was tired of strangers always asking me for something.  We live in one screwed up Country. 

Evil lurks in the highest places, and there is always someone willing to either beg or steal from you whatever you may have.

After I came out of the drug store I walked over to the bus stop to head on home.  I pass some young teen boys and as I’m passing them one of the boys in the group says loud enough for anyone to hear he says “Well I have a penis”  I didn’t catch the rest as I was walking very fast to be as far away from those NASTY cretins as I could get.   I want to say this to all the young boys out there….stop being so disgusting!  learn how to be young gentlemen please because when you talk in such vulgar & disgusting ways you only show just how vile you really are.

Parents if you have Daughters make sure you school them real good about just how boys are, then teach them how to be assertive cause boys are sexual perverts…..there probably are some boys that are brought up right, however that’s never been my experience either when I was a young teen girl or as an adult.   Just goes to show you all that not much has changed.  Parents another word of caution, have your Daughter enrolled into some kind of self defense, teach them NOT to even think of talking to ANYONE that they don’t know as well.  I don’t care if the person in the car needs directions that’s their problem.  Teach your boys the same thing too. 

It’s sad that we live in a World were we can’t be nice anymore.  It’s sad that the World is a pretty evil place!  And I won’t even go there with that cause I feel that its not a good idea to do so. 

So I’ll end here for now & go relax.  I’m making some positive strides for myself.  And when I can I like to give some tips in the hopes that it will help whoever may read my blog.  Cause I’ve been around, I’ve had no help on how to navigate through my adulthood nor at any other time in my life for that matter.

Be well my friends.