I’m about to get ready to head out to a Church for a Community meal.  Yes, its kind of that bad I want to save what little money I have left on my debit card all 100 dollars of it until payday to swallow my pride.

But it has just occurred to me that Life is so much like walking down a gauntlet of people who constantly punch,kick, or just knock you on your ass over & over again!  Some make it out of it to find that things are getting better, some don’t, or in my case everyone it seems I’m still walking the gauntlet of some of the most malicious, cruel people that I’ve ever encountered in my Life.  

I forgot to mention as part of that gauntlet the folks who are indifferent & just don’t give a damn about you.  That I could take.  Its the ones who are deliberately cruel the ones that are pure evil who call you horrific names just to degrade & even humiliate you.  This has happened to me so many times all throughout my life & especially in my adulthood that I’m like a soldier with his leg shot off, only to be hobbling along barely walking.

Well that’s it for now from the Lone Ranger’s insight column blog.

Stay tuned for more.

Cause I’m signing off.