Special Needs Doesn’t Mean Retarded

special needs

noun plural


: mental, emotional, or physical problems in a child that require a special setting for education


This is straight from the Webster online dictionary.  I’m not blaming my life or family of origin but lets face it.  Hasn’t helped me either.  Because I had nothing else to go on, wasn’t real lucky to have met a partner, significant other either boyfriend or girlfriend to get me through the challenging times.  For those of you that have found success with a similar situation good for you.  You can reply back in a NON JUDGEMENTAL way with some kinds words.  Don’t psychologize me please, I’ve already found a therapist. 

The rest of the definition of Special Needs which got left out when I pasted the definition is also: Someone from a disadvantaged background.  In addition to the rest of the definition you see here.  I had looked up this definition last night but I think I went on another online dictionary site.

This is real folks.  And just like when I was in secondary school once again I feel so much left behind!