Saturday September 21st

My first full day of not speaking to my Mother.  I guess this is what you would called being estranged?

I slept in till 9AM.  Nothing new, I get up & I basically just try to get my thoughts together.  Now that I don’t have the cell phone that my sociopathic Step Dad gave me, I now use another cell phone which is free that I’ve now activated and am using.

I was real frustrated today.   Mainly I’m trying to figure out how to go about meeting or making friends so I don’t end up hanging myself from despair.  This is the hard part.  My first idea was to find a support group for adult children of abusive parents.

So I call the Crisis Line.  OMG what a waste of my time.  Here in Washington the resources are REALLY limited.  And I’m not kidding!  I try to call I get a so called counselor who for all purposes gets approximately two weeks training so these people aren’t counselors at all.

I ask this person about the support group, she then puts me on hold to go & ask her supervisor.  The woman comes back on the line to me, to tell me that because my request is specific there is nothing really available.   WHAT?   The woman then goes onto say that I her supervisor suggests I go to this mental health agency which I’ve already went to & whose counseling fees I cannot afford.  It was also suggested that I try N.A.M.I. 

Problem with N.A.M.I. ( you can google it)  is that those groups are facilitated by a person who has a mental illness, I’ve been to a meeting but going there with my request/ suggestion I would just get no help whatsoever for what I need which is “A support group for adult children of abusive parents”.

Oooh, its really lame here where I live.  All you do is hit multiple walls in getting the help or support that you need.  No wonder the despair here is severe & the suicide rate high.  You can’t get what you need!

And as far as starting my own support group which is what the Crisis Line woman had suggested, well there are barriers there which I’ve tried to explain but alas she seemed too obtuse to understand.

First off:

I don’t know anyone

I wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to promote such a group

Way to go Seattle! A bunch of nothing but vapid folks who either can’t or won’t help you. Oh, one last thing about Seattle people: Stupid.