Trying To Constantly Figure Things Out Gives Me A Headache!

I must figure out a way to handle a landlord tenant dispute as to how to get my rent check to the landlord of my apartment so that it doesn’t mysteriously disappear…no one will help me, so I must contact the Tenants Union Of Washington which thank the lord I just came up with on my own.

See I have no one to help me problem solve.  If I don’t come up with any problem solving solutions than I’m screwed.

Trying to figure out how to apply to school cause I just have no idea how to do that which is why I never went to a post secondary school.  I had no one to help me.  In high school no counselor talked to me….so I end up going from one dead end job to another for years.

Searching for a therapist to help me sort through all this mess that is my life.

Now remember, I’m special needs, I’m a broken mess of a person who has to re-raise myself, get rid of all this toxic poison learned from sick people I grew up with my whole life.

I’m at times with headaches.

Can you imagine if I had kids?  OH LORD!

And this list isn’t all inclusive.  I’m just giving you a sample of what I must do, problem solve on a daily basis where I don’t get a break.  A non stop 24/7 task of what my next move will be.  I always feel so exhausted.

Tomorrow I will try to get to Church.  Oh how I’m not up to going.  Thank goodness its a casual dress code?  I sure hope so. 

I’ve had a horrible week!  Don’t have anyone to run to for comfort that’s for sure.

Stay tuned.  Hopefully all this stuff I have on my plate won’t have an effect on my health