What Is Up With All These Folks Thinking It’s In To Be Bad??

Okay I’ve got a major irritation,

What is up with this trend that its cool to be really bad?

Let me say that it isn’t cool to act bad!  You only show how incredibly ignorant you really are.

So you really want to act all badass huh?  Well since you want to dance with the Devil you will eventually pay

a heavy price.  Go ahead and have your fun acting all bad, breaking rules & what not.  Acting the bad boy or girl

is just so low class, ignorant and in the long run?  If not sooner you will pay some consequences.  I love being the good girl.

And so what if you laugh at me.  Cause I’ll be laughing at you when your dumb ass lands in jail or something worse.  And let me say that all you bad asses think you’ll never pay the price.  Well keep thinking that, but down the road you pay the ultimate price. 

Being nice is COOL, leading a somewhat dull life although not fun & most times is lonely but at least your not running into trouble.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.    So all you mean, indifferent, I don’t give a F**k people well you just suck! And sometime down the road people will tire of you anyway.  So why not just grow up!