The Ross Department Store Experiance

Sunday October 12, 2013


Sunday a day to get out maybe to do some shopping, take the kids (if I had any) to the park or movies, visit your family.  I don’t really have those options except one which is the shopping.   Oh Man!  two words not fun!  Root canal would have been preferable.

I first went to the Bellevue Goodwill.  Big mistake.  The shoppers there were acting as though it were the Christmas shopping season.  Usually one may get lucky & pick up something real nice, you never know.  However on this day it was shit.  Not only that but it was just unbearable to be around those people.  See everyone this is why I hate shopping!    I was out of there!  I like Goodwill, but the key is to get there early!  However everyone have you ever experienced waiting for the Goodwill store to open?  It’s a lot like horses out of the starting gate at the race track!  So undignified! 

After I ran out of Goodwill much flustered, I then walked down the street to the Ross discount store.

Now for my friends who live outside the U.S.  Ross is a discount store with new clothes but slightly irregular.  

The selection of clothes were not great today everyone!  I’m selective & I have pretty good fashion sense when it comes to clothes.  Like I’ve said when going to these types of stores you just have to catch them on the right kind of day.

The men’s clothes were just atrocious, not even anything that looked basically okay.  

So I decided to try the women’s section.   Although I’m losing weight I really couldn’t find something to fit but that doesn’t stop me from at least trying.   Based on a movie I saw with Anne Hathaway in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”  I found a pair of black pants that looked pretty good.   I also found some nice pants made out of what I think was worsted material.

I made my way over to the fitting room.  Once there I was met by a woman.   She gave me a ticket with a number 2 on it to note that I was trying on 2 items.

After I tried on both pants which at I could at least get up over my body (Yaay) they were still too snug & just didn’t look right.  I put the pants back on the hanger then came out to were the outer area of the fitting area were the lady was standing behind a desk.  

Here is what happened:

I saw a clothes rack over on the far end on the wall, I went to put the pants over on the rack.   “Excuse Me”  the fitting room lady said in a tone that made me jump.   It was a tone that said & real harshly: “What are you doing”?  I had thought I was in trouble or something.   I’m an adult survivor of abuse & abuse suffered as an adult. 

Fitting Room lady said that I was to give her the two pants.   I didn’t know.   Usually the few times I do go shopping there even isn’t any anyone to take your clothes let alone give you at ticket.

So I go back out onto the sales floor to look around for something.  I’m trying real hard to give myself an appearance makeover.  When at my best I clean up real well!  I spotted a real nice looking women’s with gold buttons.  Out of my price range but what the hell I went to try it on anyway.

I go back to the same fitting room I had tried the pants on.  

Fitting room lady was now irate with me.   Why?

I simply forgot to turn in my previous fitting room ticket!   God forbid I should forget to turn in my damn fitting room ticket better call the fitting room police 😦

I go back to the room I was in to try on the pants, found the ticket, turned it in to fitting room lady.

I try on the jacket, I could get it on me, as well as button it up no small feat as I’ve told you I’ve lost weight.  However, the coat was binding at the shoulders.  I have broad shoulders.  

I bring the coat back out with the ticket were I am then met by a loss prevention guy dressed like a cop but wasn’t.

The loss prevention guy is asking me what I did with the 2 pairs of pants I had tried on earlier.

I immediately get mad.

“I don’t know” I said, “I guess I put it out on the rack”   I was starting to go into a panic attack with my anger rising faster than a lava inside a volcanic mountain.

And so it went back & forth, until I stepped back from the argument & traced my steps in my mind.    I walked over to were fitting room girl had the other clothes rack looked over at the very sloppy clothes rack she had.   Her rack looked like shit!  then found the damn pants I was accused of taking.

“oh said the fitting room girl”  I forgot.

So you bring in the loss prevention Nazi cop, humiliate me, and you don’t even say sorry?

I need to stop everyone, I’m getting mad. 

But my one question is this:

Why in the fuck are African Americans always targeted in clothes stores?  

I now refuse to go into any store unless accompanied by my Mother, or my Aunt.

Ross discount chain can go to Hell!