You Know What Happens When You Assume?

Here is something I need for all who read to this blog to know:

Please don’t assume anything about me due to my ethnicity.  Please.

Don’t assume I want to attend certain events where there is a strong percentage of people of my ethnicity.  Don’t imply nor suggest.   Take the time to get to know me.   That’s all I want.   I guess what I’m saying is just don’t stereotype me.   I hate that!

Something about me.

I grew up in California.

At one point in my life, I grew up well off, violent & chaotic though it was.

I had many friends from different cultures.

I had friends who were sons & daughters of famous celebrities, professional atheletes.

I grew up in an affluent suburb.   Oh how I miss that to this day!

I grew up attending museums at a young age, being exposed to performing arts of all genre’s

I’m intelligent however due to all of the trauma I suffered that got stunted so severely I’m only now trying to repair the damage.

I played piano.

I listen classical music & nothing else.

I hate rap, hip hop.

I’ve traveled outside the U.S.  twice.

I like other colors not just black 🙂

So I guess the point that I’m trying to make, the same point I made at the beginning of this blog is just LOOK beyond the skin color please!

I don’t like small minded folks.   I find them boring as well as irritating.

Look to the character people, look to the character.