I Hate New Neighbors

I just want to kick myself for not trying to get a house or at least rent one.

There just isn’t any privacy in an apartment.  Your basically living with a bunch of strangers that you don’t know a thing about.  And for what its worth I’d like to keep it that way.

Had a new neighbor move in over the weekend.  Don’t like her already.  And for the most part I am in no way interested in meeting her.  My reason?  I don’t trust her or where she might have came from.  For the most part its been my experience that apartment dwellers are some of the most dysfunctional of people that you’ll ever see.   No wonder folks prefer condo’s or houses.   A house is something I aspire to sometime down in the future that’s for sure!

This new neighbor has been trying too hard in my opinion to try & talk to me.   She is a single female & from what I gather not too stable in the head.   Most single females that live alone are.   Case in point myself.  I have to say that the last thing that I want to do is meet another human being that’s like myself.  I have enough on my hands just re-raising myself!    This new neighbor seems angry, impatient I briefly noticed how she interacted with some of her younger relatives and I wasn’t real pleased with her attitude.

When I get a bad feeling about someone I go with it.  My gut never lies.

On Saturday I went to spend the day over at my Aunt’s house over in a neighboring suburb.  I didn’t return back to my apartment until 7PM.     I walk the path towards my apartment to find the new neighbor standing right in her doorway.   At 7PM.  It’s a cold evening.  Most people shut their door at that hour.   I can’t be sure, but to me this looked a little bit suspect.  

I don’t like to talk to my neighbors.   If you’ve read one of my blogs in my blog archives titled “The Craziest Things That’s Happened”  you’ll understand why.

When I lived out in the South End of Seattle that awful town of Burien I encountered during the 9 miserable years that I resided the MOST horrible cretins that I ever had the misfortune to live near.

There were the obscenities yelled through my door, and believe me they were vile, screamed at the highest octave. 

There was the vomit left on the stairwell that greeted me when I opened my door the following morning.  Actually the stench had preceded it followed by the remaining stench for nearly two weeks!

Then let me not forget the late night couple who had pounded on my door like they were the police waking myself up out of a rare peaceful sleep to say that if I open the door I would be sodomized!   Wow isn’t apartment dwelling great gang?!

So I live in an okay suburb, living next door to yet another disturbed neighbor.

I don’t wish to know her.   But if she harasses me I’ll stand my ground as well as keep my eye on her.   Problem with unstable people or dysfunctional types is that they tend to be really passive aggressive.     I have pretty severe PTSD so at this point in the game I don’t trust anyone unless its someone I knew from way back when like former friends.  Those people I can trust or at least trust enough not to act psycho.   Remember everyone crazy psycho types are everywhere!   Know how I know?   Well just read any of my blogs especially one of many I’ve written called PTSD where I had the misfortune to encounter a crazy, ugly, droopy jowled woman who bombarded with so many racial slurs that to this day Aug 6th 2010 was THE MOST I’d ever been called Nigger ever in my life.   Prior to that date & year I’d usually get called that slur once.

I keep to myself, and I’d like to keep this way until such time when it’s time I make that big move another city.   I haven’t quit that dream!  I hate the Pacific Northwest.   I feel that I’ve lost much of my life here!   I should have never came back here once I left the Army but went elsewhere ANYWHERE.   But as I’ve said I was very emotionally stunted in my early 20’s I was no more an adult than Kermit the Frog wasn’t green.   That’s in the past.   Since I don’t folks I’m real reluctant to TRUST ANYONE.    Don’t have reason to.  

I don’t like new neighbors!   Lets face everyone this is real life & not a TV sitcom where the neighbors are goofy & nice.