My Weekend.

I had a wonderful weekend!  On Saturday June 7th I went with two other women who invited me on a road trip to Deception Pass which I think is in Oak Harbor in Washington State where I live.    Really wonderful.   I love nature & it was great to get out of this lousy city.   The city sucks!  traffic, panhandlers on every corner, irate folks, and Washington is really gotten over crowded with all the stoners coming here because of the marijuana laws that passed.      I love the nature here.

On Sunday the two women who stay in the same shelter went to Orcas Island.   To get to Orcas Island you first need to drive up North to a town called Anacortes, then take the Washington State ferry just to get there.     For those of you not from Washington State Orcas Island is amazing.    One of five islands here.    We had a chance to drive out to Moran State Park.    Moran State has alot of sentimentality for me, because many years ago I went there to Camp Moran when I was in Middle School and it was one of the best times in my life.   The few fleeting times where I was really happy.    I went to Camp Moran two years in a row.    Now I got to return there as an adult and that was such a blessing, especially when you consider the very hellish adult life that was to come for me.     The price to go on the ferry with the car & for 3 adult women was 77 bucks!

The young lady inside the toll booth simply said: ” That will be 77″.   I replied:  “Dollars”?    And it was.   It just goes to show you just how expensive things are.    We waited in line to board the ferry once on the ride was just spectacular!  Islands, lots of water.    I want to live there!   I had forgotten all about Orcas Island!   I guess that Washington doesn’t suck after all.    I had the most fabulous time!   The three of us hiked up some trails once we arrived at Moran State park we saw water falls, creeks, then some deer grazing in the distance.   The deer spook easily.   One whiff of a human scent & they’re off & running.  Those creatures spook real easily.   The drive was long, and I’m a bit tired.   I can’t tell you just how much this particular trip has meant to me.   I’ve always loved the outdoors.   Having lived in the Pacific Northwest for over half my life I’ve met women who love to camp, however either due to their ignorance or whatever these women had never once asked me if I liked the outdoors or nature.    For the most part I was always left out or just plain treated like I was invisible.   With me there is more than meets the eye.   It took me going into a women’s homeless shelter then meeting two really nice women one had a Prius in order to get me included in an outing of this kind.

How about that?   I’ve been around a long time met women with whom I wanted to befriend only to have these very same women ignore or reject me.   Oh well its their loss.   The two women I traveled with are both older & really nice.   Also very funny with a sense of humor to boot.    I deserved this trip!   It sure was a long time coming for me.   I can’t tell you the last time I even went ANYWHERE with someone that wasn’t my Mom.   And only then when I hang out with my Mom we just go out to eat then sometimes stop off at the grocery store and thats it!

My only regret?  I didn’t have a camera, only my cell phone.   Really wished I had one of those iphones or the Samsung Galaxy phones.   Those take really good pictures.   I just don’t own one of those.   I can tell you that hopefully when I meet someone special I will defenitely take that person to Orcas Island.  

Great place