I Absolutely HATE Hollywood!

For much of my life everyone with all the turmoil going on I sought escape through the movies.    I used to love going to the movies.   It pretty much started when I was 5 years old when my former abusive stepdad took my Mother & I to the movies & dinner growing up in Los Angeles.    For me going to the movies was similar to going to Disneyland, I loved it so much.

As I entered into early adulthood when things were just incredibly difficult dealing with constant bigotry, abusive people, working those awful dead end jobs, no friends to hang out with,  well the movies became my light at the end of a real dreary dark tunnel for me.    During this time I had favorite actors I liked certain movies especially cute, funny adolescent type of movies that were fun to watch as well as entertaining because watching these movies were exact opposite of what was going on for me in my own life.

I have many favorite actors, movies.    One of them is the movie The Goonies!  Love it!   I also like Corey Feldman & Corey Haim especially in License to Drive which is so cute.   I did watch The Lost Boys however I didn’t care for it, somewhat too dark for me, but I loved Corey Haim.    Such a talented kid & so handsome.   I used to think of Corey Haim & Corey Feldman as royalty like two princes only Hollywood actors.

One night while watching ABC TV Network I was watching Nightline to see Corey Feldman speak out against Hollywoods vile evil secret.   Hollywood is teeming with pedophilles among the power Hollywood Moguls who exploit these kids even to this day!  Sadly Corey Feldman could not name names and I understood why……its simple everyone he would be absolutely ruined & his life would be in danger..  OMG  I only wish that perhaps he or the other Corey could have spoke out when it was happening.   Hearing this makes me sick to my stomach & makes me want to VOMIT 100 times over.

Hollywood is evil.   And I mean real evil I’ve did some research on Hollywood today.   It’s an industry full of devil worshippers I kid you not on that one.   And they don’t care.    It’s one of THE most Godless places on Earth!   I for one hate Hollywood.

Whats even more nauseating is that according to Corey Feldman these Hollywood mogul bastards are still running free making movies, getting rich & only God knows probably eyeing their next victims to treat like meat.    All you Hollywood moguls all of you, your nothing but FILTH!     I was sexually harrassed all through my life since I was 11 by boys, older men luckily I was never violated.    Something needs to be done about this evil running rampant in Hollywood but unfortunately when you have great power & associated with evil people with even greater power a person can practically do anything they want to, sad to say everyone.

Corey Feldman has written a book about his life in Hollywood it came out last fall called Coreyography which I think I might order through Amazon.com.     I for one will no longer see ANYTHING that Hollywood produces only movies I will watch are independant movies were the director produces HIS OWN MOVIE without the aid of Hollywood studios.      I still like however Anne Hathaway (Some of you quit hating on her!)  and Jennifer Anniston that’s pretty much it on celebrities and Halle Berry too,  she is pretty awesome.   However I hate Hollywood.    All of it is just loathsome to me. I used to watch the A&E reality series The Two Coreys and it was then that I really discovered just how troubled & in pain Corey Haim was in.   You saw it in his face everyone, and his good friend Corey Feldman said it.    You see when a person has an addiction there usually is a very good reason behind it.     I myself have struggled with addiction, any of you recovery folks reading you’ll know that the addiction is but a mere symtom.     

This goes out to Corey Feldman.   God will certainly bless you.   I’m so sorry you went through that evil young man.

Corey Haim rest in Heaven!   

Those in power in Hollywood all I have to say to you is this:

God believes in justice and your judgement is coming and that right soon.

Boycott Hollywood & their movies everyone.   Hollywood executives are nothing but low life perverts.