Unethical Ways Of The Shelter

I live in a women’s shelter.

I’ve been there a little over 2 months now & it’s like a mental hospital.

Some not all of the women seem OUT TO LUNCH!   Crazy.     Add to it the shelter’s  assistant director from my sources say he is a total bastard!   Let me just say that the rule booklet that was given to  me in the beggining is a crock of shit!  At any time if the assistant deems necessary he will just throw you out without so much as an appeal.

Two weeks ago the shelter’s Executive Director “Kate”  just up & quit on the spot.   The reason according to my source was due to an agruement between the assistant & Executive Director.   Theres definitely some shady stuff going on over at the Administration office of the non-profit shelter.    Two of the women residents go OFF on a panic attack towards staff, my good friend was given until June 30th to leave the shelter, instead she is kicked out one week before her deadline over some bullshit that wasn’t her fault but through some backstabbing betrayal done by another woman.   

Want to know what that was?   SPAM,  the meat in a can.   One woman resident said to another how she hated Spam (OMG I hate that crap too, nastiest mystery meat ever)  so another woman

who grew up real poor took offense & really went OFF!    I mean really everyone if your going to argue there are better things to defend than some nasty ass meat.   At least thats how I feel.

Next thing that happened my friend was asked to leave.

My friend “Jane”  wastold to leave, that she only had something like 45 minutes to pack everything to leave.   When my friend Jane mentioned (to the male asshole assistant director Dick 😉  that she had until the 30th of June to leave, Dick replies that if she didn’t leave he would call the Police.   That’s messed up isn’t it?   

All kinds of crazy shit has been happening at the shelter alot of weird happenings.   I have to say that I haven’t experianced this much weird shit since my childhood days.  

Some other stuff I was told by my source was that one of the residents called  an ambulance out of some panic induced psychosis.   Also the Police arrived due   how erratic the one resident was acting, real bad!  screaming like she was being tormented according to my source who told me this story.   I’m still house & pet sitting for my friend until the 4th of July.   I thank God I wasn’t present at that crazy ass place.   At that time that this insanity happened I was away for 2 nights.

I won’t look forward to going back to that crazy  place that’s for sure.   Out of the 20 women there, there are   4 women I trust.  The rest I do NOT trust!  Two faced, and untrustworthy  I steer clear & say as little to these other women as possible.

That male asshole assistant director is shameless.   He went into the womens bathroom to approach my friend in getting her evicted.   What an asshole!

Looks like I’ll be spending as little time as possible at the shelter except to shower & sleep.

I often wonder why this male assistant director even took this job working at an women’s homeless shelter organizaiton?   Seems like Dick would have been better suited being employed as a Prison Guard working for the D.O.C.  He seems to possess a fair amount of sadistic qualities in addition to abusing his power.   Being short on height I guess he has some issues with women.   What do you think?