The Veterans Resource Center Lake City WA.

This is a follow up to the blog I had wrote titled:
“From Homeless Shelter To An Apartment”.
The Tuesday after Labor Day I wake up early at my new apartment
then catch the bus for the long trip into Lake City to talk with
the mental health clinician who works with the Veterans Resource Center.
I guess the purpose of talking with the mental health clinician was a sort of preliminary
before I go to the visit with the psychiatrist who works at a clinic out in Northgate, off site
from the veterans center.
The meeting with the veterans center mental health clinician was much like talking to a wall.
In other words it seemed to me that nothing I said sank in for him. He seemed somewhat obtuse.
A question that therapists, mental health always ask is this:
“So want would you like to see happen”? or some variation thereof.
This time I had an answer.
Simply put I said that I need intensive psychiatric counseling.
What the mental health clinician had said to me was the following:
“I really don’t see that happening”
Want to know what I was thinking?
“What the hell did you just say”?
I opened up to him at length, because as I’ve gotten older I’m better able to put into words the issues (and they are many) I face as an African American woman. Those issues are:
Physical,verbal, sexual abuse
And here this guy is telling me that intensive psychiatry isn’t possible!
I wonder why? Because I’m poor.
However, the deal breaker was what I laughingly refer to as his selling point regarding the psychiatrist that he was to set me up with on an appointment.
Here is what the clinician said to me:
“Now the psychiatrist I’m referring you to, I don’t know from Eve”
These were his exact words.
So what this tells me is that this psychiatrist could be:
Talking to me with all the interest of watching “Face The Nation” i.e. bored indifferent.
Maybe this shrink could be nice.
I wouldn’t stake my life on that though.
Also I did notice that the this clinician guy had holes in his shoes. That one observation tells me so much.
And that would be:
This guy doesn’t make much.
It goes to show one that, you do get what you pay for.
Is it any wonder that our country is in trouble due to the lack of qualtiy mental health treatment?
I therefore dropped out of Project Thrive.
And my search for quality treatment continues.