Attention Americans. Homelessness Is Not A Crime!

I’ve got many issues.    They could fill up the library of congress.

But the one that makes me angry to the point of boiling?  Is how the poor & homeless are treated.    And you may ask just how are the homeless treated?

Good question boys & girls.    Homeless people are treated like criminals behind bars.   Although I’ve never been incarcerated (by the grace of God, I was lucky) I do know that inmates behind bars are treated very inhumanely.  I know this because I have read books by people who either are serving time locked, or who have served their time locked up and were lucky to be released.   I believe in Hell in the after life, here on Earth that hell is called jail or the penitentiary.     Out here in the so called “free world” (Ha what a joke) human beings are supposed to be treated with some modicum of dignity…right?   Wrong!  Not if your poor & homeless.     Homeless people are treated like criminals.    Homeless people are not ever considered human.     Hey if you don’t believe me then get off your butt & go check out your local skid row in your town.    Or go to tent city,  I’m sure there are several all over what I laughingly call this great nation.

The United States Of America is supposed to be the richest country.   I often wonder who came up with that one?   Because so far I sure don’t see it?   Let me give you some examples:

On any given day I get asked for spare change.   I’ve now gotten used to it, at first I would get annoyed, now I’m just resigned,  I’m not even middle class, I’m so broke most of the time that I can’t even pay attention.   

Riding in my ride share van along downtown streets of Seattle I see encampments of tents….these folks aren’t out for some leisurely outdoor time let me tell you.

Say for example friends that your driving your car, you look & see people holding up a card board hand written sign.   The message’s on these signs that these people hold up vary with the individual.    Guess what friends?   These homeless are cropping up everywhere!    In suburbs where you see nothing but expensive cars traveling on the road.  Just everywhere.   

To be continued.    WordPress is acting up.   Againg!