Thanksgiving…Just Another Day To Me

Many of you out there are enjoying a fine feast of Thanksgiving Day turkey with all the trimmings.   I don’t have much in family.   I only have my elderly Mother with whom I love, only problem is that she is married to a very cruel & abusive man.   So that I don’t end up in jail knocking him up side the head, my Mother has graciously paid for me a hotel room for one day complete with cable (but no room service).    I’m eating cold Chinese food bought from the day before at a pretty good restaurant out in Renton,   I can only hope I can keep it down.  But so far I feel plain exhausted!  I brought along my own instant coffee so luckily in my room there is a coffee maker to brew hot water.   Happy Thanksgiving to me.   My Father dead 8 years now, no one special to spend the holiday with my depression has literally made me tired.

I feel like I worked two double shifts on a job.   I’ve got the A/C on to keep me awake, because its far too early to go to sleep, but I might just go to sleep anyway.     Know what time it is as I type this up?     3PM.

A lot is bothering me.   My own personal issues, and the issue of how homeless people are treated.    People!   Please cease with looking down your nose & being mean to a homeless person.   I feel so strongly & angry about this that I will literally FIGHT anyone that does.    Yes I want to come to blows or cuss you out!   I was bullied much of my life, so I have a zero tolerance for homeless people being mistreated.     Be real grateful you have a warm bed with sheets to sleep in each night.    I myself have been homeless as far back as 9 years old too, running away from those crazy asshole bastards who would torture me.    I pretty much loathe today.    So those of you sitting down to dinner today.      May you choke on your food!   This is one cruel, hypocritical Country.