If You Like Heartache, betrayal being gay is all these things.

LGBT and all the letters of the alphabet.   Makes me irritated just say GAY!   I recommend those of you coming out of the closet beware being gay is full of heartbreak, betrayal, jealousy, especially  when your attractive & you are intelligent, thoughtful of others,  expect to experience loneliness because the community is a type of shark tank, I’ve found the men to be alright, the women well let me just put it this way…personality with most of the gay women in the LGBT community isn’t really a big priority with all the baggage that they carry around to include the self loathing it seems an impossible task establishing any lasting friendships let alone have a relationship with another woman. No thank you I’d rather root canal.   Often, you’ll experience disappointment, heartbreak, lots & lots of self centered people who refuse to grow up or act grown up.   It’s a life of pain.    The solution just live alone.   this community is FULL of racism!   IF your Caucasion you might be okay or stand a chance, but trust me when I say that this life is full of people that think ONLY of themselves, could care less about those that are less fortunate.    You know its fine if you want to marry, have the kids, etc, etc but please quit whining about what the LGBT community goes through.     I’m sick to death of hearing the whining.

Have you ever been in fear because you are not white?   Been shot when your unarmed by a Police Officer, or targeted because of your ethnicity?   Even the LGBT community is racist!   No support, this community clearly does not have your back,  oh wait unless you play sports, are Ellen DeGeneres, or some other famously rich gay woman or man.   This is a community full of hate.    And when your single, OMG will you be alienated.

For the single gay men & women get a dog, and turn to God for support!  Cause you won’t get it from LGBT community.   

Most self centered people on Earth.