Lessons learned during my stay at Sophia’s womens shelter

Womens shelters’ no matter where they’re located are breeding grounds for abuse & negativity.

Trust me,  I speak from experience.  On this one.     For I’ve seen it all.    The bullying,  cliques, constant defeating self talk by the female residents,  the indifference by the shelter staff who in all intents &purposes could really care less if you find a permanent home or not,  because after what I laughingly call the shelter staff & case managers have somewhere to sleep at night.   Lazy & don’t give a damn.

Staff takes a personal (or discrimination) dislike at times with certain residents ,so before one notices the staff has kicked your unsuspecting ass out in the streets.    If you contest?   the Police will get called.   It happened one evening at a S.W emergency shelter when a homeless woman who was issues one measeley floor mat to sleep.   On the floor with. Had requested another mat.