I’m at a friends house, it’s more Mom’s friend. I’m over at her house watching the Superbowl. I don’t care who wins actually. It’s the Seahawks vs New England. As I type this the New England Pat’s won. I don’t really care, I’m merely over here because I have no cable at my apartment.
I should have put some money on New England because I had a gut feeling that they might win.
I pity the person who had gambled money on Seattle.
However, I was asked an interesting question the night before last from my friend Judy.
That question was this:
“Do you understand the game of football?”
I replied:
“Well just the little I learned from my high school P.E. teacher”/
And that was about it.
You see, as a child my Father LOVED football. However whenever he would sit down to watch a game he pretty much ignored me & everyone else in the vicinity. He would never ask me to join him, and I was too timid of a child to even ask him. My Father never bothered talking sports with me. Ignored.
When my Mother & I had first arrived to Washington State all those many years ago, it really didn’t get much better in my opinion.
I was ignored when the subject of sports was talked about & not only that but when the Seattle Seahawks first became a football franchise it was my male cousin who would be asked to the game & not myself or my female cousin Pam.
You cannot imagine the deepset hurt I felt! I felt resentment, anger, alienation.
So it was for that reason that I never really developed an interest in sports particularly football.
Females are always treated like 2nd class citizens.
Things have changed however that doesn’t mean that the hurt I felt isn’t gone.
I do like football now, however I’m just not inclined to just sit & watch it every single Sunday of the season.
My advice to all Fathers out there: Don’t alienate your Daughters. Be sure to bond with them & teach them the game of football. Hell, go outside & throw the ball with them. Because we hurt just like the boys do.
We want to be included too.
So don’t forget that please