Valentines Day Is Stupid!

I think that Valentines Day is so stupid.

I can’t get away from the disgusting view at the supermarket when I walk inside to buy a few groceries it looks like someone threw up all red, white balloons everywhere, those stupid sayings on them of “I love you”  ad nauseous.   Hey all of you I have to tell you that “love” is a very fleeting feeling.    I myself do not believe in Valentines day.

I ride a shuttle van when the distance is too far to catch a public transportation bus.   The driver of the van had asked me if I celebrated Valentines day.   I replied with “no”  he seemed surprised.   I told him I don’t like nor do I believe in it.   I’ve never really been romantically involved much in the past 15 years or so.   Unsure of why, but it never really works out.   I’ll tell you why: Once when I had learned of someone who really liked me & was attracted to me, which I was thrilled, but the problem?  the person NEVER opened up to tell me!  I had no clue, my roommate knew but guess what readers?   I was told over a month AFTER my roommate & I had returned from Northern Washington.    Surprise!   I was monumentally pissed.   I did what I could to locate this person at their place of employment but they quit.    Opportunity lost.   I’ve given up on ever finding love.   And let me tell you I am not ugly either.    I’m attractive and don’t look my age either.   My shape is decent, I thank God that I don’t have the obesity problem that everyone else seems to suffer from.   But as far as romance goes it has eluded me.    The term “unlucky in love” could have been coined after me,   that’s how I feel.    Valentines Day is just plain silly.   And I don’t mean that because I’m single either.    I feel that our energies should be placed elsewhere, like helping the homeless obtain affordable housing, making sure that a family doesn’t go hungry from lack of food in the house cause Mom or Dad lost their job & must live in a motel (if they’re lucky)  Romance is VERY fleeting I know that all too well back in the day when I was  dumped for someone else.    As for the couples I don’t like them.    And couples sure do hate people that are single. Single people are treated like lepers.   But then again we live in a society that is selfish, shallow, shows lack of compassion & empathy for others & is so severely judgemental to those less fortunate.     So Happy Valentines to you selfish society!   Don’t choke on the chocolates