Getting Me To Eat My Vegetables

Ever since I was a very little girl, I hated eating vegetables. I don’t know why either. I would cry, sulk, and sit at the dinner table for what seemed like an eternity.
Fast forward to last night.
I’m house sitting & the woman I’m house sitting for had her flight cancelled. Last night she pulls out the Vita-mix juicer & was making veggie juices. Of course when I was offered yours truly was less than enthused.
Judy the lady I house sit for asks me:
“do you like beets, cause I’m adding them to the juicer” she beamed brightly.
My response?
“Well sure, okay” with all the enthusiasm of a wet noodle.
However, the end result wasn’t too bad.
You see, I’m so used to artificial this & that in whatever I eat these days that drinking that concoction was some kind of a new experiance. A very HEALTHY experiance BTW.
Plus these vegetable drinks really detoxify your body.
I think I’m hooked.
Everyone if you have some juicing recipes throw them my way would you? I need all the good healthy foods & drinks I could get! That is no joke. You should see some of the things I eat.
I’m damn fortunate I don’t have diabetes or something.
Someone really does look out for my welfare.
I’m so glad too.