Within The LGBT there’s a certain oppression

First of all I hate all this LGBT I recognize gay, lesbian, bi, but when it comes to the trans forget it..
What bothers me is that withing the Gay community there is a level of what I perceive to be severe mistrust.
It is just not friendly by any stretch of the imagination.
Just how bad is it?
Well, a convicted criminal would probably be better accepted.
What I hate about the Gay community is that if you don’t like the same kinds of music…your disliked! The persons are totally abusive, oppressive, very rigid. Men & Women of color aren’t accepted either. Gay or straight If you don’t like me, than that’s your problem.
Because I don’t associate with the community does not mean that I don’t want to meet that special someone.
I very much do.
However, for me I’d much rather not deal with the hateful bullshit, distrust, hostility towards any man or woman who is non white, and just leave it!
To my straight allies gay women are NOT friendly.
This ain’t for the faint of heart.
Acceptance, making friends.
I’d rather go it alone.
Cause I’m tired of the bullshit this community likes to dole out. And the bullying as well.
To those of you coming out?
Find your own way sans that community.
Because you will be VERY disappointed.