More Goals For 2015

Greetings my fellow bloggers & visitors.
I’ve decided that as of today I will implement
some goals that I will follow up on starting the
1st of March.
I will:

1. Enroll in a electrician correspondance course
2. Devote no less than 5 days per week once I’m enrolled
3. Begin brushing up on my MATH. Math was/is an issue
4. Become more spiritual so that I can be at peace

All of this hit me just now, while I’m house sitting and its just time to get going.
You see, for all of my life I lacked direction, nobody showed me anything. Know how I know what little I do know? By simply watching either a positive type TV show or watching someone else, because thats all I had. No one in my life would invest any time to help me along. Today I’m not bitter. Tomorrow I may feel something else.
However, its up to me to get things going and believe me it’s difficult at least it is for me.
Because I have all this other negative stuff that swirls in my head, like those horrible tornado’s that plague the Mid West.
Thats it for now.
I think that I should keep this short.
I’ve got things I need to do.
I know that I don’t say this hardly at all
but I want to thank you for reading
And thanks WordPress for without this site
I’d probably be on drugs, getting into some awful trouble
This site keeps me grounded.