My Homeless Friend Says “No One Cares”

I have a friend who is homeless.
And by homeless everyone, I mean she has been homeless since the 1990’s.
She lost everything. Her home, everything.
My friend has had an EXTREMELY difficult time of it all.
She is discriminated ALL THE TIME!
The homeless shelters she has formerly resided refuse to even help obtain transitional housing for her.
Transitional housing is where you get an apartment for anywhere from a few months to a few years.
This last shelter which is so corrupt had openings but refused to help my friend because they (the shelter staff) did not personally like my friend. It appears that this same shelter has helped 3 women actually GET INTO transitional housing. So this particular shelter I feel OPENLY DISCRIMINATES against my friend So to sum it up: If the shelter staff does not like you? You get NOTHING! Not a damn thing, in addition you WILL get kicked out onto the street! Rot in hell shelter staff! Hope karma bites such a huge hole into your ass that you feel that bite every single time in your life.
And this is America??
Today, I hung out with my friend. We ate at a Chinese restaurant, the food was real good, at lease one part of the day went well b/c my friend was so down in the dumps! Grade A fully DEPRESSED! Know what I mean?
Understandably, she is homeless currently sleeping in a motel or her car. My friend does not provide details on how she can afford to stay at even the cheapest motel & I don’t ask her. The toll of homelessness is really taking its toll on her.
She has what I would call an ill temper.
I tolerate it. She is my friend. Remember dear readers I came from a life that was HELL! if any of you have bothered to read my previous blogs.
I feel that if you are A TRUE FRIEND, then your there through the good & the bad.
Corny as this may sound thru thick & thin!
I’m mad as hell that no one helps my friend.
Her grown kids will not lift a finger to help & those two have good paying jobs.
Can’t say I care for them, I don’t give a damn what THEIR stupid reason may be.
You have a Mother living out in the streets AND YOU JUST IGNORE IT?
No way! That to me is so very totally unacceptable.
However in this Country Americans are some of the most selfish people around.
Makes me ashamed to be one.
This is one of the WORST COUNTRIES that neglect their elderly.
This is one PUNK ASS NATION!
Please PRAY FOR MY HOMELESS FRIEND here in Seattle Washington.
Because whenever I talk to my friend she always responds with the following:
“No One Cares”
It is such a tragedy.
I’m now realizing this is a Country
that really DOESN’T CARE.
All I can say to that?
Don’t worry cause one day IT MAY BE YOU.
No one is exempt from homelessness people.
And thaw out your damn insides.
And HELP dammit.