Why Does America Treat It’s Elderly So Horribly??

Greetings my friends from anywhere in the World,
I’m really upset, resentful and just all around beside myself.
This time it’s around how in this Country, how we treat our elderly.
Some of you may have read my previous blogs about my homeless friend I’ll
call her Jane.
Jane is elderly, homeless, has 2 grown Children who are doing quite well, they have well paying jobs.
However these two cretins treat their Mother horribly.
An example:
Jane’s birthday is March 10th, her son calls to wish her happy birthday on MARCH 11th. And entire day late.
My friend Jane then asks her son if she can come over to his house to see her Grand Daughter for Easter.
This dick head says no.
I won’t mince words with any of you.
this so called Son? Needs his ass kicked!
I have zero tolerance for this type of thing.
Also I have an overall intolerance for injustice or bad treatment of other people.
I just have no patience for this kind of thing.
My friends I just don’t understand, I grew up in the most abominable of situations where I was mistreated time & time again.
Everyday, week, month, year for as long as I can remember.
However badly my childhood, teens, adult life has been, I still have within me treating people, with dignity, respect.
I’m not perfect, no one is but its been the one thing that has kept me going all of these years.
My question to you my friends is this:
When you treat your own Mother who is:
Flat broke
When you treat a person such as this so horribly, how in the Hell do you sleep at night?
I loathe this sort of treatment.
And believe me when I tell you that I want to kick this guys ass.
That Son of a Bitch is no man.
I really would like to see whats coming to him.
I hope that this piece of shit gets whats coming to him.
This is why I don’t like the World especially the U.S.
People here are selfish. Trust me on this one. I was born here.