Racial Slurs…Well At Least I Ain’t The Only One Who Goes Thru This Hate!

Greetings to everyone who is reading my blog.
A shout out to my fellow bloggers from around the World.
I house sit for a living.
I’m here baby sitting 3 small dogs & generally keeping an eye on things.
The owner travels alot on business.
I’m watching the evening news, and I catch a story about racial slurs shouted from
a Fraternity on the University Of Washington campus the N word was directed at an African American student.
The racial slurs came in light of the racial turmoil coming out of Ferguson Missouri. For those of you unfamiliar with whats going on in Ferguson Missouri, go Google it up & read for yourself, because I sure don’t want to talk about it.
so I have a great tendency to internalize my pain only to have it regurgitated outward usually it ends up badly, however when I have bad bouts or episodes I usually have my bad episodes behind closed doors.
Washington State does suck if your African American. Some of you probably don’t believe me, but it’s true.
Here was an excerpt from the young African American young man that spoke with the news crew that interviewed him regarding the story I’ve just told you:
“you apes, get off our campus”.
People of the World, if your this hateful please keep your hate to yourselves. If you cannot or will not then hey be prepared to suffer the consequences because I’m a rare exception of someone that won’t retaliate physically (although I will talk about your ass later). The other brothers & sisters are not quite forgiving or lenient. Don’t expect a free pass after you call us Nigger….ok? It will only go badly for you.
As an African American woman or man we get so much shit shoveled at us.
Police are quick to kill us or if we’re lucky simply maimed.
And the legal system treats African American’s unfairly dating all the way back to before I was born.
Enough already!