Lesson Learned Living In Washington

Washington State is the worst place to live if your an individual that thinks for yourself.
If you love to be a clone, this is the state for you.
I’m methodically planning for the day I can say GOOD BYE to this wretched state.
Until then, I will type up my own personal thoughts of lessons learned throughout all my years
of imprisonment….OOPS I mean of living here.
I’ve noticed that people here are REAL insecure about everything!
It’s been my experience that the very FEW times that I was able to connect with someone who was nice, sure enough, a 3rd party got so jealous that any attempt I made was squashed! One word gossip.
People here in Washington seem on the sociopathic side, because whenever I’ve come across any group of people, I’m nice, amiable, I’m then shamed, like “Your nice whats wrong with you”? and trust me its happened over & over again. The overall mindset here is “Don’t make eye contact”, “Don’t be amiable towards one another” “Be cold & indifferent” . People here in Washington will treat you like your an alien from outer space if you exihibit behavior that is cogenial.
After years of this B.S. I’ve now decided to simply attend school to learn a trade, then just get OUT of here hopefully out of the U.S. to find a nice quiet place so I can live in peace. And who knows maybe even make a friend or two.
There definitely will NOT be any love lost leaving Washington state.
I know that it will be my reason for getting out of bed.