Not All Fathers Are Good.

I tried to go to Church.   Unfortunately it was on Fathers Day.  I say this because I kept hearing just how much all of us should appreciate Dad.   I grew irate.  Not angry but irate.  Here’s why.

My Father blew into my life like one of those tumble weeds in a bad western one day while I was at recess announcing “Hi I’m your Dad”.   I was seven years old, my parents split when I was 2 years old.   My Mothers new Husband was whom I called Daddy.   My biological Father caused both my Mother & I lots of grief.   The custody battle was real NASTY!  And I was right smack dab in the middle.  My so called Father just didn’t care about emotional scars, the trauma he put me & Mother through he just wanted me much like a farmer who wants to buy a prize pig.   That’s how I see it.   If he had any love for me he sure wouldn’t have treated me like a prison inmate.   So after all the drama subsided from the child custody I stayed with that odious man who was my biological Father & his cruella Wife for fours years age 8-12 years of age.   I was never allowed nor was it ever suggested I contact my Mother.   In fact whenever I tried to contact my Mother I was physically subdued or a lock was placed onto the only phone in the house.    On the only occasion I did get through to my Mother she came right over & knocked on the door.  I wanted to see my Mother.   What did dear old Dad do?  He physically restrained me on the bed not allowing me to see my Mother.     Now I don’t expect anyone to even have an inkling of understanding about how I feel about my Father.   He is dead.   Hopefully he has enough sun screen because in my mind he deserves to spend eternity in the after life of everlasting flames.     Thanks Dad for all the pain, trauma, psychological scars you’ve caused me & Mom.   So glad I had the guts to run away & not get caught by you.    I did in fact get reunited with Mother 4 years later so I did get someone’s attention, got someone who gave a damn.   Messege to you parents out there?  Work your shit out & quit putting your kids in the middle.   Trust me when I say that when you act selfishly your fucking up your kids for life.