Gender Neutral Bathrooms…Purely Stupid.

I’m female and the last thing I want to see in a public bathroom is a male.   Are you kidding me?   Here in Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is going to institute this inane idea.

My reasons for debating this idea?  Men are perverts!  Men have poor aim, they leave the damn seat up!  And last but surely not least, I just don’t want a gender neutral bathroom, what a perverted idea!  Now a transgender as long as they are nipped I don’t have an issue with.  Not a drag queen but a fully operated male to female.    Another reason I hate it is the fear of being sexually assaulted.    This Country is so on a moral decline.   This Mayor has some funny ideas.   He should stick to policy & not public restroom issues.   Don’t agree with me? I don’t give a damn.   I won’t compromise on my principals to “fit in” to this set of amoral dictates.  And that’s my two cents worth.