Make America Great Again?

Make America great again?  Hmm I don’t know about some of you out there but to me all that phrase sounds a whole lot like white supremacy speak.   Plain & simple. Example was over in Portland one of the most liberal cities in the Pacific Northwest right?  WRONG!  On a Portland light rail a white supremacists boarded the train hurling racial slurs & threats to two poor muslim women who weren’t bothering ANYONE!  so three brave men tried to come to the rescue, in the end two were stabbed to death only one survived.  The story has made national news.   I could relate real well because something similar happened to me seven years ago this very summer and yes there were serious threats of bodily harm with a weapon. Unless you are non white you will never know how this feels.  degrading, dehumanizing, I  felt devalued, I felt  extreme fear, and I felt all alone.  all in the wonderful year of 2017.  when I say trying to make it in a world of hate, ladies & gentlemen that is a statement that I don’t make lightly.  I travel by paratransit van instead of the bus, I take cabs, or I walk.  I’m too scared to ride local light rail because quite honestly everyone I will shed some blood if backed against the wall.  Jail or death be damned.   One question does come to mind though, and that is what kind of history book did President Trump study while he was in school to come up with such an ignorant catch phrase as Make America Great Again?  America was never great.  Example: African Americans getting the fire hose turned onto them in the 60’s during civil rights-NO that’s not America being great.     African Americans working towards the right to vote & alongside them the wonderful people of the Caucasian persuasion who  risked their lives to include getting their Greyhound bus firebombed for their efforts- No that is not a great America.   And let us not forget those separate bathrooms, restaurants, drinking fountains, where to sit on a public bus to include putting the bus fare into the fare box then exiting the front door only to enter into the rear door to get to the black only seating area ( couldn’t let black folks walk down the aisle too close to Skip & Mindy Whitebread now can we?)  Oh and let me not forget the time I rode the bus out by the Fauntleroy ferry terminal, the bus makes a stop and the passenger who was a white male throws up a Hitler salute as he got off the bus.  It’s time to fight back against those ******!  Dorothy we are not in Kansas anymore.