Attorney General Jeff Session

Oooh I just can’t stand this man!  Does anyone else out there feel like he is double talking & straight out lying to Senator Kamal Harris about Donald Trumps goings on within his administration.   I sure do.  You can’t even understand what the hell he is talking about.  It’s gibberish!  I follow conversations quite well but damned if I understand a word he is saying.   I can understand two Spanish speaking people better than I can this man & my Spanish isn’t all that good.   Anyone else relate out there?  He sounds like he has a stroke?   Aaargh!     I sure wish JFK Jr were still with us cause I sure wanted him to be president of our country (and that’s a whole other story about him).  It’s time to really work on a plan to leave this Country a tall order I know, but I really don’t like what I’m witness to it makes me nauseas.