Intolerance Was All I Experienced.

I was 5 years old when a young white teacher was violently shaking a baggy full of green grapes screaming to me: “THESE ARE NOT YOUR GRAPES”  frightening me beyond comprehension.   Hey I was 5 years old.   I had taken some grapes off of a shelf in the kids coatroom located adjacent to the classroom and I was eating some of them.  I simply didn’t know any better.   Take a child who was left home for several hours while her Mother & stepdad went to run their business & what do you freakin expect?   Typical Teachers who criminalize kids of color.   I was a child for Christ sake not an adult.

Not much has changed in the public school system ladies & gentlemen.  How I didn’t end up incarcerated is a miracle to me.  I would suffer many more abuses throughout K-12.   And Trump’s catch phrase is make America great again?  He should have said “Let’s Ethnically Cleanse America Again”.   More to write in another blog.