More About Me July 6th 2017

Many of you who bother to read my blogs I’ve been through hell & beyond.  Today I’m feeling both grief, anger with a bit of feeling disgust added into the equation.  Today is the anniversary of when my Father died.   Want to know how I heard when he died?  While I was checking my voicemail after I came home from class.  I’ll never forget that!  My Fathers 6th or 7th Wife (I’ve lost count at how many times he’s been down that aisle) called to leave me the message.   Now, I need to say that whatever etiquette your lacking in, you never, ever leave a message like that on anyone’s voicemail.   The result was devastating.  Needless to say I sure didn’t see it coming.  After I heard that news I dropped out of school b/c there was just NO ONE that would give me any goddamned support or help me through it.   Imagine that!  So today I was one big fat raw nerve of anger, depression, and disgust at the whole world.   I never got to see him buried….NOTHING! It kind of sums up my life if you really want to know.   Raised without love = NOTHING, Raised without nurturing = NOTHING. I’m being totally ignored, lack of positive anything, & I’m 100% neglected =PRICELESS!  I’m a human being people.  When will someone realize that??

I will say this, and that is Dad’s last Wife was a mail order bride from the Philippines I have no idea why that country.  So she was stupid.  All she was looking for was a green card and what little assets that Dad may have had.  Hope she enjoys it because she hasn’t earned any of it.