I Love A Good Tan!

One of my favorite places on earth isn’t Disneyland but Hawaii.  I love the place it’s blue water, beaches, friendly people.  But most of all the tan on people.   I’m watching my favorite tv classic Magnum P.I. and that its got me homesick for the islands.   Here in the pacific northwest people are pasty, skinny, and on a whole unhealthy looking with its beta males & aloof people.   Oh please the comparison is like comparing different planets.   I’ve just had an inspiration to decorate my apartment all things Hawaiian and I mean everything.    From plants to wall mural.    I know that I’m not the first person who hates where they live & desired to live elsewhere but I really feel I am misplaced living here.   It’s like someone stole me from a family from one location then placed me in another.   Now I must find my way home.    As far as I’m concerned I can go home again.